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Applying Eyeliner Before Eyeshadow: The Proper Order



Applying makeup can be a ⁤daunting task, especially ‍for ⁢those who are new to ‌the beauty world. One common⁣ question that often arises is the⁢ order in⁣ which to apply⁢ eyeliner and eyeshadow. There‍ are varying opinions on the subject, and it can be ⁤difficult ⁣to determine which method is ​best. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of applying eyeliner before eyeshadow, as ‍well as⁢ the potential benefits of reversing this order. By examining⁣ the different techniques ⁢and their potential impact on the⁢ overall makeup look, readers can‍ gain a better understanding of how to achieve their⁣ desired results.

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Applying Eyeliner Before⁢ Eyeshadow: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to creating a stunning ​eye makeup ​look, the order ⁣in⁣ which⁣ you apply your ‌eyeliner​ and eyeshadow can make ⁣a significant difference in the final⁢ result.‍ Applying eyeliner ⁢before eyeshadow can help ⁤to define and⁢ enhance the shape of your eyes, creating a more polished and professional finish. However, the ultimate guide to applying eyeliner before eyeshadow involves several‌ key steps to ensure ⁤that your ​makeup lasts ‍and looks flawless⁢ all day long.

Firstly, it’s important ⁤to start with a ⁣clean and moisturized eyelid. This will provide a‌ smooth canvas for your eyeshadow ​and⁢ eyeliner, helping to prevent creasing and smudging throughout the ⁢day. Once your eyelid is prepped, you can begin by applying your ​eyeliner. Whether you prefer a ⁢pencil, gel, or liquid formula, **make sure to use short, ‌precise strokes** to create a smooth ‍and even line along your upper lash line.⁤ If⁤ you want to⁣ create a more​ dramatic look,​ you⁢ can also⁢ add eyeliner⁢ to your lower lash line, being careful to avoid the ‍waterline to prevent ⁢smudging.

After applying⁢ your eyeliner, you can then move‍ on to your eyeshadow. Begin by⁤ **applying a​ base eyeshadow⁣ color** all over your eyelid to help⁢ create a smooth​ and even base for the rest of your eyeshadow look. Then, you can ⁢start to build depth‍ and dimension by **adding darker ‍eyeshadow shades to the‌ crease ⁣of your eye ⁣and ‌the outer corner**. Once your eyeshadow is complete, you can go back⁣ and **touch up your‌ eyeliner as needed**, ensuring that it​ seamlessly‍ blends with your eyeshadow for⁤ a⁣ cohesive ⁤and polished finish.⁢ Following these steps ‍for applying eyeliner⁢ before eyeshadow ⁢can help you‍ achieve a flawless and‍ long-lasting eye makeup look‌ every time.

The Importance of Proper ⁢Eyeliner Placement in Eyeshadow Application

Proper‍ eyeliner‍ placement is a crucial step in eyeshadow‍ application. Placing‌ your eyeliner ⁤before applying eyeshadow can make a significant​ difference in the overall look⁤ and ​impact of your​ makeup. By carefully considering where to place your eyeliner, you can enhance the ⁤shape and ⁣size​ of your ⁢eyes, create a⁢ more polished⁤ finish, ⁢and even make your​ eyeshadow pop.

There⁤ are several ​important reasons why proper ⁣eyeliner ‍placement matters in‌ eyeshadow application:
– Enhances eye shape: Strategically ‍placing ⁤eyeliner can⁣ make your eyes​ appear larger, more⁢ open, and better‍ defined.
– Defines the lash line: Eyeliner helps ⁢to define ⁢and frame the ​eyes by filling in any ⁣gaps between⁣ the ⁢lashes, creating ⁤a‍ seamless⁢ transition between the eyelid ‍and ‌the lash line.
– Creates a‍ base ‍for eyeshadow: Applying eyeliner before eyeshadow can act as ⁤a⁢ base ⁤for ⁤your eyeshadow, ‌helping it​ to​ adhere better⁣ and last longer.

When it ⁤comes to⁣ applying ‍eyeliner before⁣ eyeshadow, ​the placement of the eyeliner is key. The⁣ placement can‍ vary‍ depending on ⁣the look​ you ​want to ⁤achieve, but ⁣there are some general ⁣guidelines to ‍consider.

One ‍popular technique is to apply eyeliner along the‍ upper lash line before applying eyeshadow. This can​ help to create a clean, defined look and provide ‍a base ​for eyeshadow application. Another option is to ‍apply eyeliner along both the upper and lower⁤ lash lines for a‌ more⁢ dramatic effect. You can ​also experiment with different eyeliner shapes and styles to complement your eyeshadow look, ​such as winged eyeliner or a smudged, smoky effect. Ultimately, the key ⁤is to consider the overall effect ​you ‌want‍ to achieve and place your eyeliner ‌accordingly.

Mastering the‌ Order:​ Eyeliner⁣ or Eyeshadow First?

When it ​comes⁣ to perfecting your eye​ makeup, the order in which you apply ‍products ‍can make a ⁤significant difference ⁣in the final look. One ⁢common debate⁤ surrounds whether to apply ​eyeliner or ⁢eyeshadow first.⁣ Here, we’ll⁢ delve into the reasons behind⁢ both approaches ⁣to help you decide which method suits ‍your makeup routine‌ best.

The‍ Case​ for Applying Eyeliner First:

Some makeup ⁣artists and ‌enthusiasts ‌prefer to ⁢start with eyeliner before applying eyeshadow. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Creates‌ a guideline for eyeshadow ⁢application
  • Makes it easier to correct any mistakes before adding eyeshadow
  • Helps ‍achieve a clean and precise eyeliner look

The Case⁢ for Applying Eyeshadow First:

On the‍ other hand,‌ many ‌individuals advocate⁢ for applying eyeshadow before eyeliner. Here’s ⁤why⁣ this ⁤method⁤ may work for‌ you:

  • Allows for seamless blending of eyeshadow colors
  • Prevents eyeshadow fallout ​from ruining the ⁤eyeliner
  • Gives more flexibility in the placement and‌ style of ⁢eyeliner based on the eyeshadow look

Ultimately, whether you choose to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow⁢ first depends on‍ your personal⁤ preference, the look ⁣you’re ‌trying to‌ achieve, ‌and your ​comfort level with each product. Experiment with both ⁣methods to find what works best ‍for you!

Tips and ​Tricks ⁤for ‍Flawless Eyeliner ‍and Eyeshadow Application

When⁤ it comes to⁣ applying ‌makeup, the order‌ in which you apply ‍eyeliner and ⁤eyeshadow can make a significant difference in the overall⁣ look.⁢ Many⁢ makeup ​enthusiasts⁤ wonder, “do you put⁢ eyeliner on before eyeshadow?” The answer to this ⁤question ⁢ultimately depends⁢ on your ​personal preference and ⁢the specific look you are trying to​ achieve.

One approach is ‍to apply‍ eyeliner ‌before eyeshadow. By ⁤doing⁤ this, you can ​create a clean and precise line along the upper lash line, which ⁣can serve as a guide for where ⁣to apply the eyeshadow. This method can help⁢ enhance‍ the ‌shape of‌ the eyes and create a​ more structured look.

On ⁤the other hand, some​ individuals prefer⁤ to apply eyeshadow before⁣ eyeliner. ​This allows for greater flexibility ⁢in blending and creating a seamless transition between eyeshadow colors. By applying eyeshadow first, you ⁢can also make adjustments to the⁤ shape​ and intensity of⁤ the eyeshadow before adding eyeliner.

Regardless ‌of the order⁣ in which‍ you choose to apply eyeliner ⁤and eyeshadow, it’s⁢ essential to ensure that both products complement ⁣each other and enhance the overall makeup look. Experimenting ⁣with different ‍application ‌techniques can help ‌you determine which method works best for you and ⁢achieve a flawless eyeliner and eyeshadow ⁣application.


Q: Do you ‍put eyeliner on before eyeshadow?
A: No, ‍it is generally recommended to apply‍ eyeshadow before eyeliner.

Q:⁣ What is⁤ the reason for applying‍ eyeshadow before ⁣eyeliner?
A: ​Applying eyeshadow first allows for better blending⁢ and smoother application of the eyeliner.

Q: Can I still apply ⁤eyeliner before eyeshadow?
A: Yes, you can still apply eyeliner before‌ eyeshadow if⁤ that is your preferred method.

Q: Are there any advantages​ to applying eyeliner​ before​ eyeshadow?
A: Some makeup artists‍ believe that applying eyeliner first can create a more defined look and help guide the​ eyeshadow⁣ application.

Q: Is there a specific technique for applying‍ eyeshadow before eyeliner?
A: It ⁣is recommended​ to start ​with a primer, then apply ⁤eyeshadow, and then finish with eyeliner to complete⁣ the eye ⁣makeup look.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, whether you ⁣choose to apply eyeliner ‌before ⁢or after eyeshadow ultimately depends ‍on ​your personal preference​ and the look you are trying​ to achieve. Both‍ methods have their merits and can result‍ in a beautiful ⁣finished look.⁣ Experiment with both​ techniques to see ‍which one works ⁢best for⁤ you and don’t be ⁣afraid to mix it up based on the specific look you want to create. As with any makeup‌ technique, practice ‍and experimentation are key to mastering⁣ the art of makeup ‍application. Thank⁣ you for reading and we⁤ hope you found this information helpful in enhancing⁤ your makeup routine.

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