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The Best Places to Apply Eyeliner: A Step-by-Step Guide



Eyeliner ⁣is a ⁣versatile ‍tool that can ​dramatically change‌ the appearance of your eyes. However, many people struggle with determining the best placement for their eyeliner. Whether you’re ‌aiming for a subtle, everyday ⁤look or ⁤a​ more​ dramatic, evening look, knowing where to‍ place your eyeliner ⁤is crucial. In this article, we⁣ will ‍discuss the various placement options for eyeliner and provide tips for achieving a flawless ⁢application.

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Choosing the Right⁣ Eyeliner⁣ Placement for Your Eye Shape

When ⁢it comes ⁢to enhancing‍ your eyes with eyeliner, ​it’s ​important to‌ consider your eye shape‌ to achieve⁣ the best results.⁢ Different eye shapes require ⁣different techniques‌ for eyeliner placement in order ‍to accentuate their ‍natural beauty. By , you can⁤ create a stunning look that complements your features.

For almond-shaped eyes,⁢ focus on enhancing the natural⁤ symmetry and balance. ‌Begin by lining‌ the upper eyelid,‌ starting‌ from the ⁣inner corner and gradually thickening the line towards the outer ​corner.⁤ Consider⁢ extending the line slightly upward to ​create a⁣ subtle ‌wing⁢ that elongates the ‌eyes. Avoid lining the lower ⁣lash line⁤ too heavily,⁢ as this can make the eyes⁤ appear smaller.

If you have hooded‌ eyes,​ aim to create the‌ illusion of more‌ space‍ and definition. Apply eyeliner along the upper lash line, staying close⁢ to​ the roots and gradually thickening the​ line⁤ towards ⁣the outer corner.‍ To prevent​ the eyeliner from disappearing ​when your eyes are open, it may be helpful to⁤ draw the ​line with your eyes open and use ⁢a waterproof formula. Experiment ⁣with ​a slightly thicker line to make the eyes appear‍ more ‌open ⁣and defined, while avoiding heavy liner on the lower lash line.

Understanding the Natural Contours ​of Your ‌Eye

is essential when ⁢it comes to knowing where to put eyeliner ⁤for​ the most‍ flattering ⁢and eye-enhancing effect. The ⁢shape and size of your eye will dictate ​the placement of your‍ eyeliner, whether you’re ⁢aiming to make your eyes look bigger, more lifted,⁤ or to achieve‌ a specific ‌look. By familiarizing yourself with the natural contours of your eye, you’ll be better equipped‌ to determine ‍the ⁤best eyeliner⁣ placement for your specific eye shape and ‍size.

When determining where to put eyeliner, it’s important to first⁤ identify your eye shape:
-​ If ⁣you have almond-shaped eyes, focus on creating a balanced line that ​follows the natural curve of​ your‌ lid.
– For round eyes, extend the ‍eyeliner slightly ​past the⁢ outer corner to elongate and lift the eyes.
– Hooded eyes can benefit from‍ placing‍ the eyeliner‌ slightly above the natural crease to⁣ create the illusion of more lid space.
– Those ⁣with monolids may ‌opt for a⁤ thicker and more graphic liner look to‍ make a statement⁣ and define the eye shape.

also involves knowing where ⁣to⁤ place eyeliner to enhance certain features:
– ⁢Apply eyeliner ⁢close to the lash line‌ to define and⁤ add ​depth to the eyes.
– Use ​a smudged or winged liner technique ⁤to lift and elongate‌ the eyes.
– Experiment with different eyeliner placements along the upper and lower⁤ lash lines to find the⁣ most flattering‍ look⁣ for⁤ your eye ⁤shape.

Eye Shape Ideal Eyeliner Placement
Almond-shaped Follow natural curve of lid
Round Extend ​eyeliner past ⁤outer corner
Hooded Place eyeliner slightly above​ natural crease
Monolids Opt for a thicker, more graphic ⁤liner look

will ultimately ‍help you achieve the best ​eyeliner ​placement⁣ to enhance your unique eye ‌shape and‌ features. By​ taking ‍into‌ account the shape and⁢ size of your eyes, as​ well as ⁤strategic placement techniques, you can create stunning ⁣eye ⁤looks that are tailored to your‌ individual natural⁤ contours.

Strategic Placement Techniques for Different ‍Eye ⁢Looks

Different eye looks call for ‌different strategic placement techniques​ when it comes to applying ​eyeliner. Whether ⁣you’re aiming for⁢ a ‌classic cat eye, a ⁣smoky ‌look, or a ⁣natural everyday ⁣style, knowing where to place your ⁢eyeliner ⁢can make all ​the​ difference. Here‍ are ‍some strategic placement techniques to‍ help you ⁢achieve the perfect eyeliner⁤ application‍ for ⁤various⁤ eye ‌looks.

For a classic cat eye, the ⁤strategic placement ‍of your eyeliner is crucial. Start ⁢by creating a thin line along the upper lash⁢ line, extending⁤ it slightly past the ‍outer corner ‌of the eye. Next, create ⁣a small wing by drawing a diagonal line from ⁤the outer corner towards the⁤ end of‍ your eyebrow. Connect the wing back to the ⁢initial line and ⁣fill in ​any ⁢gaps ⁢for a bold, dramatic ⁣look. For a smoky⁣ eye, focus on blending out the ‍eyeliner‌ to create a soft, ⁤smudged effect. Apply⁢ eyeliner ⁢along the upper and lower⁢ lash‍ lines, then use a smudge brush to blend and soften the lines ⁤for a sultry, smoky look.

When aiming for a natural, everyday look, opt⁣ for⁤ a more ‌subtle approach to ⁣eyeliner placement. Simply line the​ upper lash line with a thin, natural ​line to enhance the eyes without making‌ them appear too heavily made up.​ By strategically⁢ placing⁤ your eyeliner according to the‌ desired eye look, you can elevate your makeup game and achieve a flawless ⁢finish. Whether you’re going⁤ for a⁢ bold, dramatic cat eye or a soft, natural look, mastering strategic eyeliner​ placement is key to achieving stunning ‍eye looks.

Expert Tips for Achieving a‍ Flattering⁤ and Precise Eyeliner Placement

When it comes to ‌achieving ‌a⁢ flattering and precise eyeliner placement, there are ​a few expert tips that ⁤can make all the⁣ difference. Whether you ⁢prefer‌ a bold cat eye or a subtle, natural look, mastering the‌ art of eyeliner placement is ⁣essential for achieving the perfect eye makeup.‌ Here ‌are some tips for where to​ put eyeliner to enhance‍ your eye shape ‍and achieve a flawless finish.

**Tips for Achieving Flattering Eyeliner⁤ Placement:**
– Start by creating a subtle line ‍as close to⁤ the lash ⁢line as possible to define the shape of your eyes.
– Focus⁣ on the outer⁢ corner⁢ of the eye to create a winged or cat‍ eye look, lifting and elongating the eyes.
– Experiment with different‌ eyeliner techniques, ⁣such as ‍tightlining ​or smudging, to find the most flattering placement for your individual⁣ eye ‍shape.

**Where to Put Eyeliner to Enhance Your⁢ Eye Shape:**
– For ‌round eyes,⁤ focus ⁣on ⁢elongating the shape⁤ by ‍extending the eyeliner slightly beyond ‍the outer corner.
– If you have hooded eyes, ⁤concentrate on creating a lifted effect by ‍applying the⁤ eyeliner above the ⁤fold of⁢ the eyelid.
– Almond-shaped‌ eyes can benefit from​ emphasizing the natural shape with a ⁢subtle​ winged eyeliner ⁤look.

Achieving a flattering and precise‌ eyeliner placement is ‍all about understanding‍ your unique ⁤eye ‌shape ​and experimenting with different techniques to enhance your ​natural features. With‌ these expert‌ tips, you can master the art‌ of eyeliner placement and ⁤elevate ⁣your eye makeup game.


Q: Where should​ eyeliner be placed on⁤ the eyelid?
A: Eyeliner should be placed ⁣as close ⁢to the lash line⁣ as⁤ possible,⁤ either along ‌the⁢ upper or ⁤lower lid,‍ to ⁣define the eyes and add ⁤emphasis.

Q: How can⁢ I determine the best placement for⁣ my eyeliner?
A: The placement ‌of eyeliner will depend on the shape of your ⁤eyes‍ and the ⁢look you⁤ want to achieve. Experimenting with⁤ different ⁣placements and techniques can ⁤help you determine ⁢what works ⁣best for you.

Q: What ⁣are‌ some common eyeliner⁢ application techniques?
A:​ Common eyeliner application techniques include tightlining, where the⁣ liner is applied to the waterline, as well as‌ winged eyeliner, where ⁤the liner is extended ‍beyond‌ the⁢ outer ‍corners of the eyes.

Q: Are⁤ there any guidelines for applying eyeliner effectively?
A:⁣ It is ⁢important to keep⁢ a ⁣steady hand and work in small, controlled⁢ strokes⁣ to achieve​ a‍ precise,​ even ​line. Additionally, it is important to‍ consider your eye shape and the overall ​look you ​want to achieve when applying ⁤eyeliner.

Q: ⁢Are there any specific ⁤products⁢ or ⁢tools that can help with eyeliner application?
A:⁣ High-quality eyeliner pencils, gels, or liquids can make‍ a difference in achieving a smooth, long-lasting application.⁤ Additionally, ⁤using a good quality eyeliner brush or applicator can help with precision‍ and control.

Q: Should eyeliner be applied⁤ to ⁤the upper and​ lower lids?
A: ‌The decision​ to apply eyeliner to​ the ​upper or lower⁣ lids⁢ (or both) is a personal ​preference. Some people prefer to apply eyeliner to the upper⁢ lid for ‍a more dramatic look, while others prefer to apply it to‌ the lower lid for ⁢a​ subtler effect.⁣

Key Takeaways

In‌ conclusion, the application of eyeliner is ⁣a ⁣personal choice and can vary based on individual preferences⁤ and ‍eye‍ shapes.‍ Whether ⁤you choose to⁤ apply it on the⁤ upper lid, lower lid,⁢ or both, the​ key is to practice‍ and ⁣find the placement that⁢ best​ enhances your⁣ natural features. Experimenting⁢ with different techniques and styles‌ can help you achieve the desired‌ look, and remember that practice makes perfect. With the right tools ‌and techniques, you​ can confidently enhance your⁣ eyes with the perfect eyeliner ⁢placement.

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