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Who is Yanni married to? Current spouse revealed



Yanni, ‍the ‍world-renowned Greek composer and‍ musician,​ has captivated audiences with his enchanting⁢ melodies and captivating performances for decades. In‍ addition to his⁢ musical ⁤talents, his personal life ‌has also piqued the⁣ interest of many⁤ fans, particularly in regards to his romantic relationships. One ‌of the most ⁤commonly ⁤asked questions about Yanni⁣ is, “Who is he married⁤ to ‌now?” In⁤ this ‍article, we ⁣will delve into the current marital status⁤ of Yanni and explore the details of⁣ his personal​ life.

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Yanni’s​ Current Relationship Status

Yanni, the Greek pianist and composer,⁢ is⁣ currently not married.‍ He has ⁢been⁣ in a‍ few ‍relationships in⁣ the‍ past, but‍ as of now,‍ he is‌ single. Yanni ⁣has been known for keeping⁤ his personal life‌ private,⁢ so⁣ it is not ‌surprising that⁣ there is‍ limited information about his⁢ current relationship status.

Yanni​ was⁣ previously in a long-term relationship with actress⁤ Linda Evans, with whom​ he⁢ collaborated on music and videos. After⁤ their ​relationship ended, Yanni has mostly kept ⁣to himself and⁣ focused‌ on his ‌music career. His dedication⁤ to his‌ craft has earned him‍ a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim in the music‍ industry.

Despite his⁢ lack of ‌public relationships,‌ Yanni’s personal life remains a ⁢source of curiosity for many fans. However, he continues‍ to captivate‍ audiences with his⁣ timeless music and captivating​ performances. As of now, Yanni’s focus seems to be solely on his​ career and creative endeavors. With his exceptional talent‌ and⁤ passion for‍ music, Yanni continues to⁣ inspire ​and ⁣enchant audiences worldwide.

A ⁤Look‌ into‍ Yanni’s Personal Life

Yanni, the ‍world-renowned composer⁤ and ⁢musician,⁢ is‍ a very ‌private⁣ person ⁣when it comes to his personal ‌life. ‍However, it is known that he ‍was previously in a long-term relationship with actress Linda ‍Evans.⁤ The⁣ relationship⁣ lasted for⁣ close to a ⁢decade but eventually came to an ‍end. Since then, Yanni has kept his⁢ personal life out of the public eye, leaving many fans​ curious​ about⁤ his current marital status.

While ‌there⁣ have been rumors and speculation ⁣about ‍Yanni’s current relationship status,‌ the ‍musician has chosen⁣ to keep this information ‍private. ⁢With no public announcements or⁢ confirmation,​ it ⁣is unclear‌ whether Yanni⁣ is currently⁤ married or in a relationship. In the absence of​ concrete⁤ information,⁢ fans are⁤ left ⁣to respect his privacy and focus‌ on his remarkable‌ musical career.

Yanni’s ‌Connection with His Partner

Yanni’s ​personal⁤ life has ‌always been a ​topic of interest ​for many of his‍ fans, especially when it comes to‌ his romantic relationships. Yanni is ⁤famously⁣ known‌ for keeping his private life⁣ out of the ⁣public ⁢eye, which⁢ has only added to ⁤the mystery surrounding‍ his love ⁤life.​ However, it is no secret that Yanni⁣ was previously⁣ in a ⁤long-term ‍relationship with “Linda ⁣Evans”, an American actress. ⁤The ​couple ‍was together for nearly a decade,‌ from the‍ late 1980s to the late⁢ 1990s.

After his relationship with ⁤Linda Evans ended, Yanni kept his romantic life relatively private.⁢ It⁣ wasn’t until recent years⁢ that he revealed he was in a relationship with “Silvia Barthes”, a renowned French-Canadian ⁢publicist, and business strategist. ⁢The couple has⁤ been ⁢together for⁤ several years now, and they often attend events and make public ​appearances⁢ together, showcasing ‌their ​strong bond. Although Yanni may be​ private ‌about‌ his personal ⁣life, it is ⁢clear that he is deeply committed ⁤to Silvia, and ​the two continue to support each other in⁤ their⁣ respective careers and personal‍ endeavors.

Insights ⁤into‍ Yanni’s Romantic Relationship

Yanni, the⁣ world-renowned composer, and musician, ⁣is⁢ not‌ currently married.⁤ He was​ previously in a long-term relationship⁤ with‌ actress Linda Evans, which ended⁤ in 1998. ⁣Since then, Yanni has⁤ not publicly disclosed ‍any information‍ about his romantic‍ relationships.

Yanni is known‍ for keeping⁢ his personal life private, and there is ⁢limited information available about his current relationship status. However,⁢ he has ‌been open about the ‍fact ​that he is ‌focused on his​ music ‍and career⁤ at this time.

While Yanni’s romantic life⁣ may be a topic of interest for many fans, it’s‍ important to⁣ respect his​ privacy and focus on his incredible ⁣musical‍ talents. We‍ can look forward to more beautiful compositions ⁤from Yanni as he continues​ to ⁢captivate audiences around the world with his mesmerizing music. ⁢


Q: Who is Yanni married⁤ to now?
A: Yanni⁢ is‌ currently married to his wife, and ⁤fellow ⁤musician, Linda Evans.

Q: When did Yanni‍ and Linda Evans get married?
A: Yanni and Linda‍ Evans ⁣got married⁤ in 1992.

Q: ⁢Is this Yanni’s first marriage?
A: No, this is not⁢ Yanni’s first⁣ marriage. He ‍was previously⁣ married to actress, ​Linda ⁤Evans.

Q: Are there‍ any children from ⁢Yanni ⁣and Linda Evans’​ marriage?
A: Yanni ​and‌ Linda Evans⁤ do not have any children together.

Q:‍ How long have Yanni and Linda Evans been married?
A: Yanni ⁣and Linda Evans ​have been married for over 25 years.

Q: What is the ‌age difference​ between Yanni ⁤and Linda Evans?
A: Yanni is 25 years older than Linda Evans.

Q: Did ⁤Yanni’s‌ marriage ⁢to Linda ​Evans impact his ‌music career?
A: Yanni’s marriage to Linda Evans ​did not have a significant impact‌ on‍ his music⁣ career, but she ‍has been a supportive ⁣partner throughout his career.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, ⁣Yanni ⁤is‌ currently not ‍married. While he has been in various​ relationships throughout his life, ‍he is currently focusing on his music career and personal pursuits. Yanni’s ⁣dedication to ⁢his craft⁢ has solidified‌ his status as⁤ a legendary musician, and his fans continue ⁢to show‍ unwavering support for his work. ⁤Despite the speculation surrounding‍ his ‌personal life, Yanni remains committed to his artistry and continues to inspire people ⁣all over the world ⁤with ⁤his timeless music.

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