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The Defeo Family: A Biographical Portrait



The DeFeo family rose to⁣ infamy in‍ the 1970s following a tragic and horrific ‌event that shook​ the quiet neighborhood of Amityville, New York.‍ The family of seven became the center of national attention after the eldest⁤ son, Ronald ⁤DeFeo Jr., murdered⁣ his parents and siblings in ⁣their home. ⁤The shocking and⁣ gruesome crime captivated the public, sparking a⁤ wave of speculation and numerous books and films based​ on the ⁤family’s tragic story. ​This article aims to provide a comprehensive look into the lives ⁢of the DeFeo family, shedding light⁢ on the events leading⁣ up to the fateful night and the aftermath that‌ ensued.

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The Tragic History of the DeFeo‌ Family

The DeFeo family is infamous for the tragic events that unfolded in their Long Island‍ home‍ in‍ 1974. The‍ family⁢ consisted of six members, including Ronald DeFeo Sr., his wife Louise, and their four children: Dawn, Allison, ⁣Marc,‍ and⁣ John Matthew. The patriarch, Ronald DeFeo Sr., worked‍ in the car dealership ⁢business and ‌was known to be a strict ‍and domineering figure ⁣within ​the ⁤household.

On ⁣the fateful night of ⁢November​ 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr.‍ brutally murdered his entire family while they were asleep ⁣in⁢ their beds. The gruesome crime sent shockwaves‍ through the community and continues to captivate ⁣the public’s interest to ⁣this​ day. The tragedy has since become the subject ‍of ‍numerous books, documentaries, and films, including the famous 1979 horror movie “The Amityville Horror.” ​The events surrounding the DeFeo⁤ family ⁤have sparked ‌a range of theories and ⁤speculation, making it ‍an enduring and haunting piece ‍of American‌ folklore.

**Key points⁢ about :**
– The family consisted of six members, including Ronald DeFeo Sr., ⁣his wife Louise, and their four children:​ Dawn, Allison,​ Marc, and John Matthew.
– On November 13, ‌1974, ⁢Ronald‍ DeFeo ⁣Jr. murdered his entire family while they were asleep in their beds.
– The tragedy has been the subject of numerous books,‌ documentaries, and films, ‌and continues⁤ to captivate the public’s interest to this ‍day.

Insights into the Infamous Amityville Murders

The‌ DeFeo family‍ gained notoriety due to the ⁤gruesome events that‌ occurred​ in their home in Amityville, New York. On the night ⁢of ⁣November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six members of his⁢ family while they were sleeping. The‍ victims included his parents, two brothers,⁤ and two sisters. ​The tragic incident became known⁢ as the Amityville murders and has ⁢since⁣ captured the⁢ interest of true crime enthusiasts and paranormal investigators alike.

Ronald⁢ DeFeo Jr., also‍ known as‌ “Butch,” confessed​ to the killings and was ultimately convicted of ‌six ‌counts of second-degree murder.‌ He claimed that “voices” in the house compelled him to commit​ the heinous act. The‌ DeFeo ​family story has​ inspired numerous books, documentaries, and films, including‌ the ‌popular “The⁣ Amityville Horror” franchise. The ​infamy​ surrounding the DeFeo family and their tragic fate continues​ to fascinate and horrify people​ to this day.

The aftermath‍ of the ​Amityville murders has sparked debates about the nature of evil, the influence of supernatural forces, and‍ the fragility of the human mind. ‌The ‍DeFeo family tragedy remains a haunting reminder of the darkness that can lurk within the human psyche. Despite the passage of time, the events of that⁢ fateful night in Amityville continue to⁣ intrigue​ and unsettle ‍those who​ seek to ​understand the complexities of the human experience.

The‌ Impact on ⁣the Remaining DeFeo Family Members

The ⁢tragic events that‌ unfolded in the DeFeo ⁣family ‌home on November 13, 1974, had ⁢a profound impact on ‌the remaining DeFeo family⁢ members. The murders, committed by ⁤23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr., claimed ‍the lives of six‌ family ⁢members, leaving only Ronald’s​ younger sister,⁤ Dawn, as ⁣the sole survivor. The aftermath of​ this horrific ⁢act ‍sent shockwaves through the ‍community and forever changed the ‍course⁣ of​ the ‌DeFeo family’s history.

The surviving ⁤members of the DeFeo‍ family were ​left‍ to grapple⁢ with the loss of their loved ones and⁤ the⁣ incomprehensible⁢ nature of the⁤ crimes committed. was both‍ immediate and enduring, as they struggled to come ⁣to terms with‍ the tragedy and find a way to move forward. The emotional and​ psychological toll of such a devastating ⁣event cannot be overstated, and ‍the⁢ DeFeo ⁢family ‍members were ⁣forever changed by ⁤the traumatic events of that fateful night.

For the remaining DeFeo family⁤ members, the passage ⁣of time has not lessened the impact of the ⁣tragedy. The scars left⁢ by the events of November 13, 1974, continue to shape the lives of those who ‌were ⁤left behind, serving as a constant reminder of the⁤ profound loss and senseless violence that forever altered⁣ the course ​of their lives. The legacy of the DeFeo family tragedy lives on, as the surviving family members continue to grapple with the​ ongoing impact of​ that fateful night.

Recommendations ⁣for Understanding and Grappling with ⁢Family⁢ Tragedies

When it comes to understanding and‌ grappling‍ with family tragedies, ⁤it’s important to approach the topic⁢ with‍ sensitivity and⁢ empathy. The DeFeo ⁤family tragedy,‍ which ‍occurred in 1974, is a ⁤harrowing and complex story that ‌continues to captivate and⁢ haunt individuals to this⁣ day. To gain ⁣a deeper understanding of ⁤this tragic event, consider the following recommendations:

  • Research: Take the time to thoroughly research the ⁣DeFeo family tragedy, including the events leading up ​to the ‍incident ‌and its aftermath.
  • Read personal accounts: Explore‌ memoirs and personal accounts from individuals who were ⁤affected by the tragedy,⁢ as this can provide valuable insights and ⁣perspectives.
  • Seek⁤ professional guidance: If the ​topic of family tragedies brings up strong⁢ emotions or triggers difficult memories, consider seeking the guidance of a mental health professional ‌to process and cope with these feelings.

By⁤ approaching the topic of family⁢ tragedies with compassion and a ‌willingness‍ to learn, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the impact such events have on the ⁣lives of those involved.


Q: Who was the DeFeo family?
A: The DeFeo family was a family of ⁣seven that lived⁣ in Amityville, New ⁢York‍ in‍ the 1970s. ⁤The family consisted of parents Ronald and Louise⁢ DeFeo, and ‌their four children: Ronald Jr., Dawn, Allison, and Marc.

Q:​ What is the significance of the DeFeo family?
A: ​The DeFeo family gained notoriety due to ‌a tragic incident⁢ that occurred on November 13, 1974, when Ronald Jr. murdered his entire family in their home.

Q: What⁢ led to the tragic ​events in the DeFeo family?
A: Ronald Jr.​ claimed that voices in the house compelled him to⁣ commit the murders. He was​ later convicted of the crime and sentenced ⁤to ⁤life ​in prison.

Q: How ‌did ‌the ‍DeFeo family’s story gain⁤ widespread attention?
A: The tragic events at the​ DeFeo home in⁣ Amityville led to a⁢ bestselling book, “The Amityville⁣ Horror,” and a series of⁣ films‍ that portrayed the supernatural events that the Lutz ⁣family claimed to have experienced in the same home after the DeFeo murders.

Q: What impact ‍did the DeFeo⁢ family tragedy have on popular culture?
A: The DeFeo family‍ tragedy ‍and ⁤the subsequent alleged hauntings ‌in their former home have become the subject of numerous books,⁤ documentaries, and films, solidifying their place in popular culture. ‌

To Conclude

In conclusion, the⁢ DeFeo family remains a source of fascination and ​tragedy in American history. Their story, marked⁢ by wealth, dysfunction, ‍and ultimately violence, continues to captivate the public interest. The events ⁤of⁤ that fateful November night in 1974 forever‍ altered the course of the DeFeo family, ⁢leaving a ‌lasting impact on​ not only their own lives, but on the⁢ community of Amityville as a whole. Despite ‍the passage⁣ of time, the ‍DeFeo family tragedy serves as ​a reminder of the complexities of human nature and ⁢the enduring legacy of their ill-fated lives.

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