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Texas Library Association: Advocates for Literacy



The Texas Library Association (TLA) has been a cornerstone of the Lone Star State’s library community since its establishment in 1902. As the largest state library association in the United States, TLA is a testament to the dedication and passion of Texas librarians and library supporters. In this article, we will explore the history, mission, initiatives, and impact of TLA on the state’s library landscape. Through its advocacy, professional development, and networking opportunities, the Texas Library Association continues to elevate the role of libraries and librarians, ensuring that they remain essential resources for education, information, and community building. Join us as we delve into the world of TLA, where the love for literature and learning is at the heart of everything they do.

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The Role of the Texas Library Association in Supporting Public Libraries

The Texas Library Association (TLA) plays a crucial role in advocating for the needs and interests of public libraries across the Lone Star State. With over 6,000 members, it is the largest state library association in the country. TLA works tirelessly to ensure that libraries have the resources they need to serve their communities effectively. Whether it’s pushing for funding at the state legislature, providing professional development opportunities for library staff, or creating public awareness campaigns, TLA is a driving force in supporting the vital work of public libraries.

One of the key ways that TLA supports public libraries is through their legislative advocacy efforts. They work closely with lawmakers to secure funding for library services and resources, and advocate for policies that benefit libraries and their patrons. TLA also provides a wide range of resources and tools for library staff, including continuing education opportunities, conferences, and publications that keep them informed about the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Furthermore, TLA is instrumental in promoting the importance of libraries in communities across Texas. They run campaigns that highlight the ways in which libraries enrich lives, such as providing access to technology, creating opportunities for lifelong learning, and fostering a love of reading in people of all ages. Through these efforts, TLA helps to ensure that public libraries remain a cherished and essential part of Texas communities.

TLA Advocacy Efforts Resources and Tools
Securing funding Continuing education
Advocating for beneficial policies Conferences
Creating public awareness Publications

Advocacy and Legislative Efforts of the Texas Library Association

The Texas Library Association (TLA) is dedicated to advocating for the needs and interests of libraries and library professionals throughout the state. As part of its mission, TLA works tirelessly to ensure that libraries have the necessary funding, resources, and support to serve their communities effectively.

One of TLA’s key advocacy efforts is lobbying for legislation that benefits libraries. TLA closely monitors bills and proposed laws that could impact libraries, and works with legislators to promote policies that support library services. For example, TLA has successfully advocated for increased funding for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, which provides essential support for libraries across the state.

  • Supporting bills that promote information literacy and access to digital resources
  • Advocating for policies that protect intellectual freedom and privacy
  • Working to secure funding for library infrastructure improvements

TLA members can get involved in advocacy efforts by participating in TLA’s Legislative Day, an annual event where library supporters meet with their elected officials to discuss the importance of libraries. Additionally, TLA provides resources and training for members to effectively advocate for libraries in their own communities.

Year Legislative Success
2021 Secured $10 million for library broadband improvements
2020 Promoted policies for digital resource sharing during COVID-19
2019 Advocated for $5 million increase in state library funding

Professional Development Opportunities Offered by the Texas Library Association

Are you a librarian or library professional looking to enhance your skills and advance your career? Look no further than the Texas Library Association (TLA) for a wide range of professional development opportunities. TLA offers a variety of programs and resources designed to help library professionals stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

One of the most popular professional development opportunities offered by TLA is the annual conference. This event brings together library professionals from across the state for four days of learning, networking, and professional growth. Attendees can choose from hundreds of educational sessions, workshops, and panels on topics such as technology, leadership, and community engagement. The conference also features a vendor expo where attendees can explore the latest products and services for libraries.

In addition to the annual conference, TLA offers a variety of online learning opportunities, including webinars and virtual conferences. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from digital literacy to library advocacy, and are designed to be accessible and convenient for busy library professionals. TLA also offers a mentorship program, which pairs experienced librarians with those who are new to the field, providing valuable guidance and support.

Opportunity Description
Annual Conference Four days of educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities
Online Learning Webinars and virtual conferences on a range of topics
Mentorship Program Pairs experienced librarians with those new to the field

Recommendations for Strengthening the Impact of the Texas Library Association

To maximize the impact of the Texas Library Association, several recommendations can be implemented to enhance the organization’s outreach and effectiveness. By focusing on community engagement, advocacy, and professional development, the TLA can expand its influence and better serve libraries across the state.

One of the key ways to strengthen the association’s impact is through increased community engagement. This can be achieved by organizing more local events, workshops, and literacy programs that cater to the diverse needs of Texas residents. Additionally, creating strategic partnerships with local businesses, schools, and other organizations can help to promote the importance of libraries as vital community resources. Here are some suggestions for community engagement initiatives:

  • Host annual book festivals in different regions of Texas to celebrate local authors and literacy.
  • Develop afterschool programs in collaboration with schools to support student learning and foster a love for reading.
  • Partner with local businesses to offer discounts and promotions for library cardholders, thereby encouraging more people to take advantage of library services.

Advocacy is another crucial area that requires attention. The TLA should strive to be a strong voice for libraries at the state and local levels by lobbying for increased funding, better resources, and policies that support the library’s mission. Building a network of library advocates and training them on effective communication strategies can help amplify the TLA’s message. The following table outlines potential advocacy efforts:

Advocacy Effort Potential Impact
Fund library improvement campaigns Enhance library facilities and services
Lobby for e-book lending rights Expand access to digital resources
Advocate for librarian professional development Improve the quality of library staff and services

Finally, the TLA should make professional development a priority for its members. By offering continuing education opportunities, such as conferences, webinars, and certification programs, the association can equip library professionals with the skills they need to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of library services. Establishing mentorship programs can also assist newer librarians in learning from experienced professionals and contribute to the overall growth of the field.


Q: What is the Texas Library Association?
A: The Texas Library Association (TLA) is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports library services and librarians in Texas.

Q: What does the Texas Library Association do?
A: TLA advocates for libraries and the services they provide, offers professional development opportunities for librarians, and facilitates networking and collaboration within the library community.

Q: Who can join the Texas Library Association?
A: Librarians, library staff, educators, students, and anyone interested in supporting and promoting libraries in Texas can become members of TLA.

Q: What benefits does TLA membership offer?
A: TLA members have access to professional development opportunities, networking events, and resources to support their work in libraries. They also have the opportunity to advocate for libraries at the state and local levels.

Q: How does TLA support libraries and librarians in Texas?
A: TLA provides resources, training, and advocacy to ensure that libraries have the support they need to serve their communities effectively.

Q: How does TLA promote literacy and reading in Texas?
A: TLA encourages and supports literacy and reading initiatives through programs and partnerships with public libraries, schools, and other literacy-focused organizations.

Q: How can individuals get involved with the Texas Library Association?
A: Individuals can join TLA as members, participate in events and initiatives, and support TLA’s advocacy efforts to promote and improve library services in Texas.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Texas Library Association. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insight into the important work being done by the association to support libraries and library professionals across the state. Whether you are a librarian, library student, or simply a lover of libraries, we encourage you to consider joining the Texas Library Association and becoming a part of this vibrant and passionate community. Together, we can continue to promote literacy, equity, and access to information for all Texans. Thank you for your support and dedication to the mission of the Texas Library Association.

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