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Kendall Vertes: From Dance Prodigy to Dance Moms Star



Welcome to the world of Kendall from Dance Moms! Known for her passionate and driven attitude, this talented dancer has been a fan favorite since she first appeared on the show. From her groundbreaking performances to her iconic friendship with Maddie Ziegler, Kendall has made an indelible mark in the dance world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the biggest moments from her time on Dance Moms, as well as what Kendall is up to now.

What is Dance Moms?

Dance Moms is a popular reality show that follows the competitive dance lives of young girls and their mothers as they compete against each other in local and national competitions. The show is choreographed and coached by Abby Lee Miller, who has been pushing her students to reach higher levels of excellence since 2011. Through this process, the audience gets an inside look into the cutthroat world of professional dance and the personal struggles of its competitors.

Kendall Vertes is a talented dancer who first appeared on Dance Moms in the fifth season. She quickly established herself as one of the show’s star performers, thanks to her passionate style and driven attitude. From her impressive performances to her iconic friendship with Maddie Ziegler, Kendall has become a fan favorite and continues to be one of the most popular dancers on the show.

Early Life and Dancing Background

Kendall Vertes’s love of dance started at an early age when she began taking classes at the age of three. Her mother, Jill, has always been supportive of her daughter’s passion and enrolled Kendall in regular dance classes to help further her skills. By the time she was nine years old, Kendall had won numerous regional competitions and was ready to take on a larger stage.

Kendall’s training and involvement in competitions prior to joining the show was extensive. She spent countless hours perfecting her craft under the guidance of her mother and various dance instructors. Her hard work paid off when she began competing at local, regional, and national competitions. During this time, she earned numerous awards and titles such as Grand National Champion, Regional Champion, and Best Dancer of the Year.

Joining the “Dance Moms” Cast

Kendall first became apart of the cast of Dance Moms when her mother, Jill, submitted a tape of Kendall’s dancing to Abby Lee Miller. Impressed by her natural talent and drive, Abby invited Kendall to join the show in the fifth season. During this time, she was only nine years old and competing against girls that were much older and more experienced than her. Despite these challenges, Kendall was able to stand out among the competition and quickly became a fan favorite.

When Kendall first joined the cast of Dance Moms, she had to face some challenges. Despite her considerable skill and natural talent, she was competing against girls that were much older than her. She had to learn how to adapt to the new environment and strive for success despite the pressure from Abby Lee Miller and other dancers. She also had to deal with the criticism of her peers who may have viewed her as an “easy target” because of her age and inexperience.

Kendall’s Relationship with her Mother

Kendall’s relationship with her mother, Jill Vertes, on the show is one of mutual support and respect. As a dedicated mother, Jill has always been supportive of Kendall’s passion for dance and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. On the show, she often offers her daughter advice and words of encouragement as Kendall strives to be the best dancer she can be.

Kendall and her mother have had some memorable moments on the show, as well as some conflicts. One of the most memorable moments was when Jill comforted Kendall after a tough performance and offered her words of encouragement. Another memorable moment was when Jill and Abby Lee Miller had a disagreement about how to handle Kendall’s participation in a competition routine. During this conflict, Jill stood up for her daughter and firmly defended Kendall’s decision to perform.

Kendall’s Dance Abilities and Performances

Kendall is a talented and experienced dancer. She is known for her grace, flexibility, and strong technique. She has won numerous awards for her performances at local, regional, and national competitions. Her strengths include her ability to quickly pick up choreography and her dedication to her craft. Her weaknesses include her lack of experience in certain styles of dance, such as jazz and hip-hop.

Since joining the show, Kendall has been involved in a variety of performances and routines. She has performed solos, duets, trios, group numbers, and even won awards for her performance in a group routine. Some of her most memorable performances include her solo to “On My Own” from Les Miserables which earned her first place at the Starbound National Talent Competition. She also won first place with her group number to “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Kendall’s Growth and Development

Being on Dance Moms has had a major impact on Kendall’s dance skills and personal growth. She was able to learn from some of the most experienced and skilled dancers in the world, which helped her to improve her technique and hone her skills as a dancer. She also gained confidence in her dancing abilities and learned how to handle pressure and criticism. In addition, she developed a thick skin and learned to stay focused despite the drama and criticism surrounding her.

Kendall has made significant progress since joining the cast of Dance Moms. Throughout the seasons, she has become a more confident and skilled dancer. She has won several awards for her performances, including first place at the Starbound National Talent Competition and first place with her group number to “Let It Go” from Frozen. In addition, she has become a well-rounded performer, learning a variety of styles and genres. She has also gained invaluable experience competing against some of the best dancers in the world.

Life Beyond “Dance Moms”

Kendall has had many projects and endeavors since leaving the show Dance Moms. She has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, including a cover story for Dance Spirit Magazine. She has also started her own production company, K2 Productions, where she creates and produces content for streaming platforms. In addition, she now teaches master classes in dance all over the world and continues to pursue her career in entertainment.

Since leaving Dance Moms, Kendall has remained involved in the dance industry. She continues to teach master classes in dance all over the world and shares her knowledge and expertise with aspiring dancers. She also judges competitions and mentors young dancers. In addition, she has created her own production company, K2 Productions, where she produces content for streaming platforms. Through her continued involvement in the industry, she is able to share her love of dance and help cultivate the next generation of dancers.

Kendall’s Impact on Fans and Popularity

Kendall has had a major influence on the Dance Moms fanbase. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her talent, skill, and friendly personality. Her performances have earned her countless fans, many of whom continue to support her even after leaving the show. Her popularity has even caused some fans to start creating fan art and content online in celebration of her career. In addition, Kendall often interacts with her fans through social media, which further increases her influence and popularity.

Kendall has an impressive social media presence and is incredibly popular with her followers. She regularly posts on her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, keeping her fans up to date with her latest projects and activities. In addition, she often interacts with fans directly through social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitch. Her content is often lighthearted and entertaining, which further increases her popularity among her followers.

Controversies and Drama

Kendall has been involved in several controversies and conflicts throughout her time on Dance Moms. In Season 4, she was accused of copying the choreography from another dancer’s routine. This led to tension between Kendall and other dancers on the show, as well as various comments from fans online. Moreover, during Season 5, there was a conflict between Kendall and Abby Lee Miller that resulted in Kendall leaving the show. This sparked a heated debate among fans as to whether or not Abby had treated Kendall unfairly. Despite these controversies, Kendall has maintained her professionalism and integrity throughout her career, which has enabled her to remain a beloved figure in the dance community.

The drama surrounding Kendall on Dance Moms has had a significant impact on her experience. Despite her talent and skill, she became the center of numerous conflicts throughout her time on the show which led to tension between her and other dancers as well as heated debates among fans. The drama also caused Kendall to leave the show earlier than expected, which was met with mixed reactions from viewers. While some were disappointed to see her go, many others respected her decision and continued to support her throughout the rest of her career. Ultimately, the drama surrounding Kendall on Dance Moms has helped shape her into the beloved figure she is today.


Kendall’s journey on Dance Moms has been an inspiring one. From the moment she joined the show, she quickly became a fan favorite due to her talent, skill, and friendly personality. Her performances earned her countless fans that continue to support her even after leaving the show. Even during some of the more difficult moments, such as controversies and conflicts with other dancers, Kendall has managed to maintain her professionalism and integrity. This has enabled her to remain a beloved figure in the dance community and an inspiration for many aspiring dancers.

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