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Howie Long’s Marriages: A Look at His Relationship History



Former NFL player and current Fox NFL analyst Howie Long is a household name for sports fans. Aside from his ⁢successful⁣ football career and blossoming career as a sports analyst, Long has also made headlines for his personal life. One topic that has ⁣sparked curiosity among his fans is the number​ of times he⁢ has been married. ⁢In this article, we will delve into the intriguing question – how many ​times has Howie Long been married? Join us as we uncover the marital history of this football icon.

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Howie Long’s Marital History

Howie Long, the former American football defensive end and sports analyst, has been married only once. He tied the knot with Diane Addonizio in 1982,‍ and the two​ have been together ever since.

Howie‌ Long and Diane Addonizio have been married for‍ nearly four decades, and they have three ⁤sons together: Chris, Kyle, and Howie Jr. Their marriage has endured the ups and downs of a long‌ and successful‌ career in the spotlight, and they have remained a strong and devoted⁣ couple throughout.

In a world where celebrity marriages often make⁤ headlines‍ for their⁤ brevity, Howie Long’s enduring ⁢marriage to Diane Addonizio stands as a ‍testament to their commitment and love for each other.

Long’s First Marriage ⁤and Family Life

Howie Long, the⁣ former NFL player and current TV personality, has been married once. Long married Diane Addonizio in 1982 and the couple has three sons together.⁢ Their marriage has been enduring and has lasted over three decades.

Long’s family life has been a central ⁢part of his identity, and he has‌ consistently prioritized his marriage ‍and children. Despite‍ the pressures of ‌fame and the demands of his career, Long has been committed⁤ to maintaining a strong and healthy family life. The values of dedication and responsibility that Long honed on the football field have translated into a stable and loving home life.

Long’s commitment ‍to his first marriage and his dedication to his family have ⁣been central to his personal and professional identity. His ability to balance the demands of his career with the responsibilities ⁣of marriage and ⁢fatherhood has set an inspiring example ​for his fans and admirers.

Long’s Second Marriage and Personal Growth

Howie⁢ Long has ​been married twice in his life. His ‌second marriage is a testament to personal growth and the ability to find ⁢love again. Long’s second marriage has been a central part ‍of his life, ​shaping​ his views on relationships, family, and personal development.

Long’s second marriage has⁣ been a significant factor in his personal growth and development. It has allowed him to find love and happiness again, demonstrating resilience and strength in the face of challenges. This marriage has also provided him with the opportunity to grow as an individual, learn from past experiences, and create a fulfilling and lasting partnership. It is a story of love, growth,⁢ and the ability to find happiness ‌once again.

Long’s Third Marriage and Continued ‍Success

Howie Long, the former NFL player turned sports analyst, has been a figure of success both on and off the ​field. Long has been married three times in his life, and his continued success in the entertainment industry has kept ​him in the spotlight.

Long’s third marriage to Diane Addonizio has been a source⁢ of happiness and stability in his ⁤life. Their ⁣relationship has been a testament to the strength of their bond, and Long’s⁣ career has continued to prosper throughout their marriage.

Long’s journey through three marriages has been a topic of interest for many fans and followers. His ability to navigate personal and professional success has made him an enduring figure in the public eye. Despite the challenges⁤ and changes in his personal ​life, Long has continued to thrive and inspire others with his resilience and dedication.

Long’s Advice for Building a Lasting Marriage

Howie Long, the former‌ professional football player and current NFL ‌analyst, has been married once. Long has been married to his wife, ⁢Diane Addonizio,​ since 1982. The couple has built a lasting marriage, and Long is​ often sought out for his advice on maintaining a strong‌ and healthy relationship.

revolves ⁢around⁤ several key principles:

  • Communication: Long emphasizes the importance of open ​and honest communication in a marriage. He believes‌ that regular and‍ meaningful conversations are essential for understanding and supporting each other.
  • Commitment: Long advocates for a strong commitment to the marriage and the partnership. He ​believes in prioritizing⁢ the relationship and making continuous efforts to‍ strengthen the bond between partners.
  • Respect: Long ‌stresses the significance of mutual ⁤respect in a marriage. He encourages treating each other with kindness, empathy, and understanding.

Long’s⁣ insights into building⁢ a lasting marriage are valuable and have resonated with many couples looking to create a strong and enduring partnership.


Q: How many⁢ times has Howie Long been married?
A:⁣ Howie Long has⁤ been married ⁤once.

Q: Who is Howie Long’s current wife?
A: Howie Long’s current‌ wife is Diane Addonizio, whom he married in‍ 1982.

Q: Did Howie Long ⁣have any previous marriages?
A: No, Diane Addonizio is Howie Long’s ⁢first and only wife.

Q: How long has Howie Long been married to Diane Addonizio?
A: Howie Long and Diane Addonizio have been married for over 35 years.

Q: Do Howie Long and Diane Addonizio have any children together?
A: Yes, Howie Long and Diane Addonizio have three sons: Chris, Kyle, and Howard Jr.

Closing Remarks

In‍ conclusion, ‍Howie Long has been married once. His long-lasting marriage to Diane Addonizio has been a testament to ‌commitment and love in a world where celebrity⁣ marriages often end⁢ in divorce. Long’s​ dedication ​to ‌his family​ and his ability to balance his successful‍ career with a healthy​ personal life serves ⁣as an inspiration to many. We hope that this article has shed light on this aspect of Howie Long’s⁣ life and provided​ valuable insight into ⁣the personal life of this renowned public figure. Thank you for ​reading.

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