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Easy Does It: 15 Catchy Songs with ‘Easy’ in the Title



If you’re looking for ‍a playlist that’s⁢ as easy as Sunday morning, we’ve⁣ got you covered.​ From⁣ classic rock to⁢ modern ‌pop, there are plenty​ of‍ songs with “easy”⁢ in the title that are sure to have you singing along in no time. So kick back, relax, and ‍let’s ​dive into some seriously ⁢easy ⁢listening.

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Easy Listening: ⁣A Playlist ‍of Songs with‌ ‘Easy’ in the Title”

Have you ever noticed how ‌many songs⁢ have the word “easy” in ‍the title? It’s like a musical ‍trend that⁣ just keeps on‌ going. ‍Whether⁣ it’s ‍about ⁤taking things easy, finding an easy way out, or just simply​ being‍ easy, these songs have a way⁤ of getting⁢ stuck in your head. Luckily,‌ we’ve put together a killer playlist of songs with‌ “easy” in the title to make‍ your life a little easier (see ‌what we did there?).

So sit back, ‌relax, and press play⁤ on our ‌ultimate ‍”Easy Listening” playlist. From classic rock to pop hits, and‍ everything in between, these easy-titled tunes are sure to‍ make you feel like‌ a musical genius.⁢ Plus,​ with our ⁣carefully curated list, ​you won’t have to do⁢ any of the ⁤hard work of finding these songs yourself. It’s ‌all about making your musical journey as easy as can be.

Without further ado, ‍here’s⁤ a ‍sneak peek of what you can expect from our “Easy Listening” ⁢playlist:
– “Easy”⁣ by The⁤ Commodores
– “Easy⁢ Lover” ​by​ Phil Collins
-‍ “Take It​ Easy” by Eagles
– “Easy Like⁢ Sunday ​Morning” by Lionel Richie

“Easy ⁢Does It: Unwinding with Relaxing ‘Easy’ Songs”

So, you’re in ​the mood to unwind ⁤with some ​easy,⁢ breezy‌ tunes, ‍huh? Well, look‌ no further, because ⁣we’ve‍ got just the⁣ playlist for you. We’ve curated a collection ⁢of⁤ the most relaxing⁤ ‘easy’ songs that⁣ are perfect for kicking back, chilling⁤ out, and letting all your worries melt ⁣away.‌ Whether you’re lounging ‌by ​the pool, taking‌ a leisurely drive, or just soaking ⁤in ​a bubble‌ bath, these ‌tunes‌ are ⁣guaranteed to⁣ put you in a state of pure ‌relaxation.

First‌ up, we have “Easy” by‍ the Commodores. This classic soul track is smooth⁢ as silk‍ and ​will have you swaying in no time. ​Then, there’s “Easy Like Sunday Morning” by​ Lionel Richie. It’s⁢ the ​ultimate ode to taking it easy, and⁣ the soothing melody is like a warm hug for your ‌ears. And let’s not ⁤forget about​ “Easy”⁤ by Faith No More. Despite the band’s hard-hitting reputation, this song is⁣ surprisingly mellow and perfect for unwinding after a long day. So, ‍kick back, press play, and let these ‍easy-going tunes transport you to⁣ a stress-free paradise.

“Making Life ⁢Easy: Upbeat and⁣ Fun​ ‘Easy’​ Songs for⁢ a Mood⁢ Boost”

If you’re ‌looking for a quick mood ⁣boost, ‌nothing ⁣works better than some⁤ upbeat and fun music. And what better way to make ⁣life easy than with a playlist ⁤of ‌”easy” songs? Here are some feel-good tunes with ⁣”easy” in the title​ that are sure to⁣ put ‍a smile on‍ your face and⁣ a spring in your ‍step.

First⁣ up, we have “Easy” ‍ by Commodores. This groovy hit from the 70s is guaranteed ​to ⁤get⁢ you moving and ​grooving. Next, we⁣ have “Easy Lover” by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins. With its catchy hooks ‌and infectious energy, ⁤this song is a⁤ surefire‌ way⁣ to‍ lift your spirits. Another ⁤classic​ is “Take It Easy” by The Eagles. Its laid-back vibes ⁢and sing-along⁣ chorus‍ make ⁣it⁣ perfect for a carefree day.

Song Title Artist
Easy Commodores
Easy Lover Philip Bailey and Phil Collins
Take ​It Easy The Eagles

So,​ whether ‍you’re cleaning the⁢ house, ⁣going ‌for a ​drive, or ​just‍ need to​ lift ⁣your‌ spirits, ⁣these “easy” songs are the perfect soundtrack for ‌an instant⁤ mood boost. Turn​ up⁢ the volume⁤ and ​let the‍ music ​do the rest!

“Easy Peasy Jams: Catchy and⁣ Memorable Songs ⁢with ⁢’Easy’ in the ⁤Title

Songs with “easy” in ⁢the ​title are‌ always easy‌ to remember and catchy, making them perfect additions to any ‌playlist. Whether ‍you’re looking for a laid-back tune or ⁣something to get ⁢you in‍ the mood to dance, there’s a ‍”easy” song out there for ⁤everyone. ‌Here are some of ⁣the⁣ most‌ memorable and fun tracks⁢ with “easy” in‍ the‌ title:

  • “Easy” by The ⁤Commodores: ⁣ This classic​ soul‍ tune is impossible⁤ not to groove along to.‍ With its ‍smooth melody and catchy chorus, it’s the​ perfect song‍ to brighten⁢ up your day.
  • “Easy Lover” ​by‍ Phil Collins and ‌Philip Bailey: This iconic ‍80s ⁣hit is the definition of catchy. It’s the kind ⁤of song ​that ⁢gets stuck in your head for​ days, and ⁢you don’t even mind.
  • “Easy”‌ by Barenaked Ladies: ​This lighthearted⁤ and ⁢fun song is perfect for‌ lifting your⁣ spirits. With⁣ its clever lyrics and‍ upbeat ⁣melody,​ it’s impossible not to smile while listening.

These “easy” songs‌ are‌ sure to ​bring a smile ‍to your face and get your‌ feet⁣ tapping. Whether you’re‌ a⁤ fan of soul, ‌pop, or rock, there’s a‌ “easy” song out there that’s perfect ⁤for you.


Q: What ‌are some popular songs with “easy”⁤ in the title?
A: ​”Easy” by The Commodores, “Take It Easy” by The Eagles, ​and “Easy‍ Like Sunday Morning” by Lionel ⁣Richie.

Q: Why are these songs considered “easy”?
A: Probably because they’re catchy and easy⁤ to sing along to.

Q: Are there any other songs with “easy” in the title?
A: ​Yes, there are plenty! “Easy Lover” ⁣by Phil ⁤Collins,‍ “Easy​ Money” by Billy Joel, ⁤and ‌”Easy Does It”‌ by Al Green.

Q: What’s ⁤the appeal of ⁤songs with “easy”⁢ in the title?
A: ​They’re just so darn easy to listen to!

To Conclude

So‍ there you have it, a list of ⁣songs with ⁣”easy” in the title that⁤ are sure to bring some ease into‍ your life. Whether‍ you’re looking for a⁢ laid-back tune to chill out to or a‍ catchy melody to hum along with, these ‍songs ​have got you covered. So take it easy, hit play,⁣ and ‍let the ​music do the rest!

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