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Catherine McBroom: The Rise of a YouTube Star and Philanthropist



Catherine McBroom is one of the most recognized and well-known faces in the world of media. She has made a name for herself as a successful television host, author, entrepreneur, and model who has created an inspiring career for herself through her hard work and determination.

Who is Catherine McBroom?

Catherine McBroom is a renowned media personality who has achieved great success in her career. She is primarily known for her television hosting roles, having been the host of major networks such as MSNBC and HLN, as well as appearing on other shows such as The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Catherine McBroom was born in Toronto, Canada in 1963. She grew up with a passion for the media and journalism, and graduated from York University with a degree in Communications. After graduating, she quickly rose through the ranks of broadcasting, becoming a correspondent for CNN and other major networks.

Early Life

Childhood and family background

Catherine McBroom was born in Toronto, Canada in 1963. She had an idyllic childhood, growing up with loving parents and two older sisters. Her family was deeply involved in her education and encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. She attended York University, graduating with a degree in Communications.

Education and early interests

Catherine McBroom was passionate about media and journalism from an early age, and her parents encouraged her to pursue this passion. She graduated from York University with a degree in Communications, and during this time she held several internships at radio and television stations as well as newspapers.


The start of her online presence

Catherine McBroom achieved success in the media industry through her hard work and determination, but she also recognized the power of online presence. She began to build her online presence early on, taking advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She also created her own blog where she shared stories about her life experiences.

Collaboration with her husband in creating content

Catheine McBroom has also collaborated with her husband, venture capitalist and philanthropist Tom Glocer, by co-creating content for their blog and other online platforms. Together they share inspiring stories about their lives, as well as their thoughts on business, finance, and philanthropy. This collaboration has allowed them to reach a wider audience and spread important messages of positivity and success.

Building a successful brand

Catherine McBroom is known for her successful brand, which she has carefully cultivated over the years. She has used her online presence to share inspiring stories and messages with her followers, while also engaging in collaborations with other influential people in the media industry.

The ACE Family

Overview of The ACE Family YouTube channel

Catherine McBroom is the co-founder of the popular YouTube channel, The ACE Family, which she runs with her husband Tom Glocer. This channel consists of family vlogs, pranks, and other videos that document their lives and share their adventures.

Content and style of their videos

The ACE Family YouTube channel has become known for its entertaining content and style. The videos feature the McBroom-Glocer family, usually consisting of Catherine and Tom, as well as their two children, Austin and Elle. In each video, they share stories from their lives, jokes, pranks, challenges, and more.

Their impact and popularity in the YouTube community

The ACE Family YouTube channel has become one of the most popular family content channels on the platform, with over 16 million subscribers. Their videos have been praised for their positive messages, comedic content, and overall entertaining style.

Personal Life

Relationship with Austin McBroom

Catherine McBroom has a strong and close relationship with her son, Austin McBroom. She regularly posts about him on her social media platforms, often sharing photos of their adventures together and sweet messages of love and appreciation for him. Catherine also regularly features Austin in her videos on The ACE Family YouTube channel.

Parenthood and their children

Catherine McBroom and her husband Tom Glocer are devoted parents to their two children, Austin and Elle. The couple has raised their children with an emphasis on family values, positivity, and hard work. They have also instilled in them the importance of giving back to others and making a positive impact in the world.

Challenges and successes in balancing family and career

Catherine McBroom has faced many challenges in balancing family life with her career. Despite the demands of her work, she always puts her family and children first, which can be difficult at times. She has also had to learn how to manage her time efficiently so that she can dedicate enough time to both her professional and personal life. Despite these challenges, Catherine has found success in balancing her family and career. She credits her supportive husband and their strong family bond for helping her stay focused on both her professional and personal goals.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Catherine’s involvement in charitable causes

Catherine McBroom is an active philanthropist and advocate for charitable causes. She has been involved with numerous organizations that support causes such as education, health, and women’s rights. She has also been a major contributor to the ACE Family Foundation, which helps families in need through donations, grants, and scholarships.

Raising awareness on important issues

In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Catherine McBroom has also used her platform to increase awareness about important issues. She has used her voice to speak out against racism and other forms of discrimination, as well as advocate for mental health awareness and education. She has also raised awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and advocating for gender equality.

Using her platform for positive impact

Catherine McBroom has used her platform to create positive change and make a difference in people’s lives. She regularly speaks out about the importance of giving back to the community, inspiring others to take action and help those in need. Through her YouTube channel, she has helped to raise funds for numerous charities and organizations.

Achievements and Recognition

Awards and accolades received by Catherine

Catherine McBroom has been recognized for her contributions to the YouTube community, philanthropy, and advocacy efforts. She was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2020 for her impact in the media and entertainment industry.

Notable milestones in her career

Catherine McBroom’s career has been marked with several notable milestones. She began her career as a model and actress before gaining fame through her YouTube channel, The ACE Family. She has also achieved massive success with her other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

The influence of her work on her audience

Catherine McBroom’s work has had an immense influence on her audience. She has inspired countless people to pursue their goals, make positive changes in their lives, and be better versions of themselves. Through her videos and social media posts, she encourages her viewers to be kind, tolerant, and understanding of others.

Future Endeavors

Speculation on Catherine’s future projects

Catherine McBroom is sure to remain a major force in the media and entertainment industry for years to come. She has already achieved immense success with her YouTube channel and social media platforms, and there is much more to come from her. In the future, she may explore new projects in film, television, and music.

Potential expansions of her brand

Catherine McBroom has built a successful brand through her YouTube channel and other social media platforms. In the future, she may look to expand her brand by creating new content and launching additional initiatives. She could create additional YouTube series to reach an even wider audience, or develop merchandise such as clothing and accessories featuring her logo.

Her aspirations and goals

Catherine McBroom has been incredibly successful in her career and she continues to strive for more. She is passionate about using her platform to make a positive difference in the world and inspiring others to do the same.


Catherine McBroom is an inspirational figure who has used her platform to create positive change and make a difference in people’s lives. Through her videos, social media posts, and philanthropic efforts, she has inspired countless people to pursue their dreams and be better versions of themselves. In the future, she is sure to continue advocating for causes she believes in, creating new content, and expanding her brand.

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