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William Bumpus: Current Marriage Status Revealed



William Bumpus, a ⁣prominent figure in the legal and​ political sphere, has ⁤recently captured public‌ attention regarding ⁤his marital⁣ status. Known for​ his previous marriage to‍ television personality Gail King, many are curious to know who William ⁢Bumpus is currently married⁢ to. In this article, we will delve into the⁢ personal life ⁣of ‍William Bumpus and explore the details of his current marital status.

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William Bumpus’ Early Life and Career

William Bumpus was born on‍ April⁤ 20, 1960, in Greenwich, Connecticut. ⁤He graduated from Yale University with a degree in law and went on to have a successful career as a⁢ lawyer. Bumpus is also known for his‌ tenure as an Assistant Attorney General of the United States.

Before his professional success, Bumpus grew up in‌ a loving family‍ in Connecticut with his parents and siblings. His dedication to⁣ education and hard work paved the way for his future accomplishments.

However, despite Bumpus’ achievements, he gained public attention due to his marriage ‌to television personality and chef, Gayle King. The couple’s marriage⁢ ended in divorce, with King‍ publicly stating ‍the reason for the split was due⁤ to⁣ Bumpus’ infidelity. Since ‌then, Bumpus has kept a low profile ⁤in the public eye, remaining focused on ‍his professional endeavors.

William Bumpus’ Marital History

William Bumpus, an American ⁣lawyer, and the ex-husband of Gayle‍ King, has been at the center of media attention regarding‍ his marital ⁢history. Bumpus and King were married for 11 years before divorcing in 1993. Currently, William ‌Bumpus is not married. There have been no reports or public announcements indicating that he has remarried since his divorce from⁣ Gayle King.

Despite the public interest​ in Bumpus’ personal life, he has remained relatively ⁤private ‌about his⁢ romantic relationships since⁤ his divorce. His focus appears to be on ‌his legal career, as⁣ well as maintaining ‍a low ‌profile in ⁢the ⁣media. However, his previous marriage to Gayle ⁤King continues⁢ to be ‍a topic of curiosity for many. Although there is no information regarding William Bumpus’ current marital status, his ⁢past relationship with Gayle King remains his most notable connection in the public eye.

Current Relationship Status of William Bumpus

William Bumpus, a prominent lawyer, and former husband of Gayle ‍King, currently maintains a low public ‍profile, leading to speculation about his ​current relationship status.

As of [current year], William Bumpus is reportedly single, with no public information about his current marital status or⁢ partner. Despite his high-profile divorce ‍from Gayle King in [year of divorce], Bumpus⁣ has chosen to keep his personal life out⁣ of the public eye, leading to much speculation and curiosity from the public and the media.

Speculations and Controversies surrounding William Bumpus’ Personal Life

As of now, there is ‍no public information regarding the current marital status of William Bumpus. The ​speculation and controversy surrounding his personal life have been a topic of interest for many,⁣ but without concrete evidence, it ⁣is important to approach these rumors‌ with caution and respect for Bumpus’ privacy.

It is ​worth noting that rumors and speculations often swirl around public figures, and‌ in the case​ of William Bumpus, it is essential to separate fact from fiction. While many may⁢ be‌ curious about his current marital status, it is important to refrain from spreading unfounded information and instead focus on the achievements and contributions of Bumpus in his professional and ‌personal life.

Ultimately, the focus should be on celebrating the individual for their accomplishments rather than delving⁢ into the personal details ‌of their life.


Q: Who is William Bumpus?
A: William Bumpus is a‍ Connecticut-based attorney and the ex-husband of TV personality Gayle King.

Q: Who is William Bumpus married to now?
A: As of the latest information available, William Bumpus is not married.

Q: Who was William Bumpus married to previously?
A: William ‌Bumpus ‍was previously married to​ Gayle King, with whom he‌ has two children.

Q: When did ‍William Bumpus and Gayle King get divorced?
A: William Bumpus and Gayle King ‌got divorced in 1993.

Q: Is William Bumpus currently in ‍a⁤ relationship?
A: There is no publicly available information on William Bumpus’s current relationship status.

Future⁢ Outlook

In ⁢conclusion, William Bumpus is currently married to a woman named Karen Fountain. After his divorce from television personality Gayle King, Bumpus has moved⁤ on​ and ⁤found love‍ with Fountain. While Bumpus may be better known for⁤ his high-profile⁤ divorce, his current relationship and personal life are‍ of⁤ equal importance in understanding the man behind the public persona. We wish William Bumpus and Karen Fountain all the best in ‌their marriage and future endeavors.

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