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Uncovering the Truth: Is Golfer Morgan Pressel Still Married



Morgan Pressel, the professional golfer known for her skill on the course and her philanthropy off it, has been a well-known figure in the sports world for years. However, in recent times, there has been speculation about her marital status, sparking curiosity among fans and followers. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Morgan Pressel is still married, shedding light on the current status of her personal life.

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Morgan Pressel’s Marriage Status: A Closer Look

Morgan Pressel, the professional American golfer, tied the knot with Andrew Bush in 2013. The couple’s union was celebrated with warmth and excitement by family, friends, and fans. However, as of 2021, there have been no public announcements regarding Pressel’s marriage status.

Despite the lack of recent information on her marriage, Pressel continues to focus on her successful golf career, participating in various tournaments and charity events. As a private individual, she has chosen not to publicly disclose details about her personal life, including her current marital status. Pressel’s commitment to maintaining a level of privacy in her personal affairs has contributed to the mystery surrounding her marriage status.

As one of the most successful and well-known female golfers in the world, Morgan Pressel’s personal life has always been a hot topic of speculation and rumors. One of the most frequent questions that fans and tabloids alike ask is, “is Morgan Pressel still married?”

While Pressel has been relatively private about her personal life, the answer to this burning question is yes, she is still married. In 2013, she tied the knot with her longtime partner, Andy Bush. The couple has been together for over a decade and has managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye for the most part.

Despite the relentless rumors and inquiries into her personal life, Pressel continues to focus on her career and her passion for golf. Her dedication to the sport has solidified her status as a role model for aspiring female athletes around the world.

Insights into Morgan Pressel’s Current Relationship Status

Morgan Pressel, the professional golfer, is currently married to Andrew Bush. They exchanged vows on January 15, 2013, and have been together ever since. Their relationship seem to be going strong and they often share glimpses of their love on social media.

Pressel and Bush appear to be happily married, enjoying each other’s company and supporting one another through their respective careers. Despite the media attention that comes with being a public figure, the couple has managed to maintain a relatively private and peaceful relationship. They seem to be very much in love and committed to one another.

Recommendations for Respecting Morgan Pressel’s Privacy on Personal Matters

As of the latest available information, professional golfer Morgan Pressel is still married to Andrew Bush, whom she married in January 2013. While it is natural for fans and followers to be curious about the personal lives of public figures, it’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to privacy, especially when it comes to personal matters. Here are some :

1. Avoid speculating or spreading rumors about Morgan Pressel’s personal life.
2. Refrain from asking intrusive or personal questions about her marriage or family.
3. Instead, focus on celebrating and supporting Morgan Pressel’s accomplishments and contributions to the sport of golf.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that respecting the privacy of public figures, such as Morgan Pressel, not only demonstrates consideration and empathy but also sets a positive example for others to follow. Remember that everyone deserves the same level of respect and privacy, regardless of their public status. Let’s continue to show our support for Morgan Pressel by respecting her privacy on personal matters.


Q: Is Morgan Pressel still married?
A: Yes, Morgan Pressel is still married to Andrew Bush. They got married on January 15, 2013.

Q: How long have Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush been married?
A: Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush have been married for over 8 years.

Q: Do Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush have children?
A: Yes, Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush welcomed their first child, a son named Beckett, in June 2017.

Q: What do Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush do for a living?
A: Morgan Pressel is a professional golfer who has won several LPGA tour events, while Andrew Bush works in the real estate industry.

Q: How did Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush meet?
A: Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush met through mutual friends and began dating before eventually getting married.

Q: Have Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush faced any challenges in their marriage?
A: Like any couple, Morgan Pressel and Andrew Bush have faced their own challenges, but they have remained committed to each other and have a strong partnership.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the question of whether Morgan Pressel is still married remains unanswered. Despite the lack of concrete information, it is important to remember that Pressel’s personal life is her own and should be respected as such. While fans and the media may be curious about the status of her marriage, it is ultimately up to Pressel to share that information if and when she is ready. In the meantime, let us continue to support her professional endeavors and await any updates from Pressel herself.

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