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The Enchanting Voices Behind The Little Mermaid: Exploring the Cast that Brought the Characters to Life



The 1989 Disney classic “The Little Mermaid” is a beloved animated film that has become an iconic part of the Disney canon. It tells the timeless story of Ariel, a mermaid who longs to be part of the human world, and features an all-star cast of voice actors. From A-list celebrities, to up-and-coming actors, let’s take a look at the talented cast behind “The Little Mermaid.”

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a beloved animated classic from Disney. Released in 1989, it has become an iconic part of the Disney canon, with its endearing story of Ariel, a young mermaid who longs to join the human world. The movie’s signature songs and characters have gone on to become pop culture staples since its release.

The importance of the cast in bringing The Little Mermaid to life cannot be overstated. The talented voice actors behind the film were responsible for creating an entire world of characters that audiences have grown to love and cherish.

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Introduction to Ariel as the main protagonist

Ariel is the main protagonist of The Little Mermaid. She is a young mermaid living in the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, who longs to explore and learn more about the human world above. Ariel is headstrong and adventurous, often getting herself in trouble with her recklessness. She has a beautiful singing voice and loves to express herself through song.

Description of Ariel’s character traits and motivations

Ariel is a curious and adventurous character whose motivations come from her desire to explore the world outside of Atlantica. She is independent, headstrong, and determined to make her own decisions. Despite being warned by her father, King Triton, Ariel still longs to experience the human world and all its wonders.

Discussion of the actress who voiced Ariel in the film

Jodi Benson is the actress behind Ariel’s iconic voice in The Little Mermaid. She has become synonymous with the character over the years, having reprised her role many times over for sequels, spin-offs, and other related projects. Benson is an acclaimed Broadway actress who made her acting debut at age 16, and she quickly rose to fame with her portrayal of Ariel.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric is the romantic interest of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. He is a young prince living on land who dreams of exploring the sea and its creatures. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Ariel, and his curiosity leads him to discover her true identity as a mermaid.

Prince Eric is a young prince living on land who dreams of exploring the sea and its creatures. He is well-loved by his subjects, with a strong sense of justice and loyalty. In the film, Prince Eric’s role in the story is to serve as Ariel’s romantic interest and help her to achieve her dream of becoming human.

Prince Eric is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes in The Little Mermaid. Barnes began his career as a child actor, and he quickly rose to fame with his portrayal of Prince Eric. He also voiced the character in various sequels and spin-offs related to the film. Barnes has appeared in numerous television shows, films, and even Broadway productions over the years.

Ursula – The Sea Witch

Ursula is the main villain of The Little Mermaid. She is an evil sea witch who uses her magical powers to manipulate and control those around her. Ursula is powerful but also conniving, using her charm and wit to get what she wants from others.

Ursula is a powerful sea witch who is ruthless and manipulative. She uses her magical powers to control those around her, preying on their weaknesses in order to get what she wants. Ursula is cunning and often uses deception and coercion to get what she wants.

Ursula is voiced by Pat Carroll in The Little Mermaid. Carroll is an acclaimed actress and comedian known for her roles in television, films, and stage productions. She began her career in radio before transitioning to acting and has since appeared in a variety of projects. For her role as Ursula, Carroll received critical acclaim for her performance.

Supporting Characters

Flounder – Ariel’s loyal fish friend

Flounder is Ariel’s loyal fish friend in The Little Mermaid. He is a young blue and yellow fish who often serves as her confidant and supporter. Flounder is kind and shy but also brave enough to accompany Ariel on her adventures. His trustworthiness and friendship often helps Ariel through difficult situations.

Sebastian – A singing and wise-cracking crab

Sebastian is a singing and wise-cracking crab in The Little Mermaid. He is an adviser to King Triton and serves as Ariel’s conscience, often trying to warn her against taking risks. Sebastian is a loyal friend who helps Ariel on her journey, providing guidance and support during difficult times.

King Triton – Ariel’s father and ruler of the sea

King Triton is Ariel’s father and the ruler of the sea in The Little Mermaid. He is a powerful merman with immense control over the ocean, able to command the creatures of the deep. He is protective of his daughter but also strict, as he does not want her to take any risks or get too close to humans.

Scuttle – A comical seagull friend of Ariel’s

Scuttle is a comical seagull friend of Ariel’s in The Little Mermaid. He is an eccentric and mischievous bird who often provides comic relief throughout the film. Scuttle offers advice to Ariel on how to become human, even though it usually leads to trouble. Despite his misguided attempts at helping, he remains an endearing and loyal friend.


The Little Mermaid includes a cast of memorable characters that bring the story to life. Ursula is the main villain, an evil sea witch with magical powers who seeks to gain control of the ocean kingdom. Flounder and Sebastian both support Ariel as loyal friends while King Triton serves as a father figure, offering guidance and protection. Scuttle adds comic relief and a touch of whimsy to the story. Through this ensemble of characters, The Little Mermaid is a timeless tale that will remain beloved for generations to come.

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