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Rick and Marty Lagina: Ages Revealed



Rick⁤ and Marty Lagina are two brothers who have gained fame through ⁣their exploration and excavation of⁤ the Oak Island mystery. As⁢ their adventures continue to capture the attention of audiences worldwide, ⁢many have wondered just how old these enigmatic ⁤siblings are. In this⁣ article, we ⁤will explore the age of Rick ⁤and‌ Marty ⁢Lagina, shedding ⁢light on their personal backgrounds ​and the journey that has led them to⁣ become ‍household ‌names in the world of treasure ⁢hunting and reality television.

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Early⁢ Life and Background of Rick and Marty Lagina

Rick⁢ and Marty Lagina​ are well-known ⁣for​ their ‍appearances on ‍the popular television ​show​ “The Curse⁢ of Oak Island.” ⁤The ‌Lagina brothers have captured the hearts of many‌ viewers ⁤with their adventurous spirit and‍ dedication to⁤ uncovering the mysteries ‍of Oak ⁢Island. To understand how old Rick and⁢ Marty Lagina ⁣are,​ we need to ⁢delve ‌into their early life ⁢and ⁤background.

Rick Lagina was ⁤born ‌on January⁣ 25, 1952, in Kingsford, Michigan.⁢ Marty ⁣Lagina, on the other ‍hand, was born‌ on August 26, 1955. The brothers grew up ⁤in⁣ Michigan, where they developed ​a⁣ passion for exploration and adventure from a young age. Rick and‍ Marty both pursued higher‌ education, ‌with Rick obtaining a degree in ‍Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological ‍University ⁢and Marty earning a degree in Law from the University​ of Michigan. ​Despite their different career paths,⁣ the Lagina brothers⁢ shared a common⁣ interest in history and mysteries, which eventually⁣ led them⁤ to Oak Island.

Together, Rick and ⁢Marty Lagina have‌ brought their expertise and resources to ‍Oak‌ Island, where they have dedicated themselves to ⁣solving ‍the island’s notorious puzzles. Their⁤ journey has captivated audiences around the⁤ world, making them iconic⁤ figures in the​ world of treasure hunting and exploration.

Rick⁣ and ​Marty’s Educational⁢ and Professional Background

Rick ⁣and ⁤Marty Lagina ⁤are well-known for their​ treasure⁣ hunting adventures‌ on​ the popular reality TV show,‍ The⁣ Curse of Oak ⁣Island. Rick Lagina,‌ born on January⁣ 25, ​1952,⁣ is currently 69‍ years⁣ old. On the ⁣other hand, his brother Marty Lagina,​ born on August 26, 1955,​ is ‌66 years old. The Lagina brothers ⁢grew up ‍in Kingsford, Michigan⁢ and developed a passion for solving ⁣mysteries from a young⁣ age.

Before⁢ their treasure hunting endeavors, Rick Lagina worked as a ‌post ​office‍ worker and ‍then went on to‌ become a successful entrepreneur,​ with investments in the energy industry. Meanwhile, Marty ‌Lagina ‌is‌ a⁣ retired ​lawyer and‌ successful ​vineyard owner. ‌Both brothers possess ​a strong ⁣educational‌ background;⁤ Rick holds a ‍degree in ‌Mechanical Engineering, ⁣while Marty has a law degree and an engineering degree. Their combined skills and expertise have‍ contributed ​to their success and determination ‍in​ uncovering the mysteries of⁣ Oak ⁤Island. The Lagina ⁣brothers continue to⁢ inspire and educate audiences with ⁤their dedication to uncovering history‌ and ‌treasure.

Age Date of ⁢Birth
Rick Lagina 69
Marty Lagina 66

What⁤ is the⁤ Age of Rick and Marty Lagina?

Rick and Marty Lagina are brothers who are ⁤best known for ⁣their ‌appearance on⁤ the History Channel ⁢reality TV series “The ⁢Curse of⁢ Oak Island.”‍ The show follows the Lagina⁢ brothers as they⁤ attempt‍ to ‍solve the mystery of Oak Island ⁣and find⁢ its supposed hidden treasure.​ Many‍ viewers of the show ⁢are curious to⁣ know⁢ the ages of ⁢Rick ‌and ​Marty Lagina, as ‌they ‌have become familiar ​faces in the‌ world of reality television.

So, how old are⁤ Rick and⁣ Marty Lagina? Rick Lagina was‌ born on​ January 25, 1952, which​ makes him⁢ around 69​ years old as of the ‍current year. Marty Lagina, on‍ the other hand,​ was born on‌ August ⁣26, 1955, making him ⁣around​ 66 years old. ​Despite their‍ age difference, the brothers share⁢ a⁤ passion for solving the mystery of Oak Island, which ​has captivated audiences around the world.

Speculations and‍ Rumors Surrounding Rick⁣ and Marty’s⁢ Age

There has been much ​speculation and rumor surrounding the age ⁤of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, ‌stars‌ of⁣ the popular television show‍ “The Curse of Oak Island.” Rick Lagina‍ was born on January 25, ⁢1952, ⁢making him​ currently⁣ 69 years old, ​while his brother Marty ⁣Lagina was ⁣born on ​August ⁣26, 1955, ​making him 66 years​ old.

Despite⁤ their well-documented ages, some fans‌ continue to‌ speculate about the Lagina​ brothers’⁢ true ages. ​However, official‌ records and​ public ⁤information confirm‍ that Rick and Marty Lagina are​ indeed in their late 60s, with Rick being the ⁣older of the‌ two.


Q: How old are ⁢Rick⁢ and Marty Lagina?
A: Rick Lagina was born on January 25, 1952,‍ making him 70 years old.​ Marty Lagina was ​born‌ on August 26, 1955, and is currently 67 years old.

Q:‍ What are the Lagina brothers ⁣known for?
A: Rick and Marty Lagina are known for their work on the⁣ reality TV ‌show​ “The​ Curse⁢ of Oak Island,” where‍ they search for⁤ hidden treasures ​on the island.

Q: ⁢What ⁣other ventures have the Lagina brothers been‌ involved ‍in?
A: Aside from‌ their work on “The Curse of Oak Island,” the Lagina brothers are also successful businessmen,⁢ with interests​ in energy, wine, and ‌real estate.

Q: How did the⁣ Lagina brothers become⁢ interested‌ in ​Oak Island?
A: Rick and Marty ⁢Lagina became interested in‌ Oak Island after reading about its alleged⁤ hidden⁢ treasures ​in a 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. They were fascinated by the mystery ⁤and began their journey ⁤to uncover the truth about the island.

Q: What is the current status of‍ their search for treasure on Oak Island?
A: ‍The Lagina‌ brothers and their⁢ team continue to ‍search ‌for‍ treasure on Oak Island, with each season of ‍their⁤ reality show documenting⁢ their progress and findings. While they ⁣have not yet ‌found definitive proof of a hidden treasure,⁢ they remain dedicated to their​ quest.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the age of Rick and ⁣Marty Lagina is a topic⁣ of interest for many⁢ fans of the show ‌”The Curse⁤ of Oak⁣ Island.” While their⁢ exact birthdates are not ‍widely publicized, it is known that Rick was born in 1952 ⁤and Marty‍ in 1955,​ making them both in their late ‍60s ⁢as ​of 2021. ⁤Their dedication to solving the ‌mystery of Oak ⁤Island has‍ endeared them⁣ to viewers around the ⁢world, and their unwavering determination⁤ continues ‍to be ⁢a driving force in their⁤ quest‍ for treasure. As they press​ on‌ with their exploration, their⁢ age is merely a footnote in the remarkable ‌story of ⁤their lives and the pursuit of one‍ of‌ the⁢ greatest archaeological​ mysteries of ⁤our time.

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