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Miss Universe Miss France: A Journey of Beauty, Talent, and Representation



The Miss Universe pageant is one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants, and this year France is sending its own representative. Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves, is a 25-year-old Tahitian model and beauty queen who has been making waves since being crowned in December 2018.

What is the Miss Universe pageant

The Miss Universe pageant is an international beauty contest that was founded in 1952 by the clothing company Pacific Mills. It aims to celebrate women from around the world, recognizing their intelligence, courage and commitment to their communities. The competition has grown to become one of the most well-known and popular pageants in the world, with contestants coming from over 90 countries.

Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves, is vying for the prestigious title of Miss Universe and representing her home country with pride. A 25-year-old Tahitian model and beauty queen, she was crowned in December 2018 and now stands as a testament to French beauty and grace.

Early Life and Background of Miss France

Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves, was born in Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. She is of mixed Polynesian and French-Canadian descent. Her parents are both teachers and her family has been living in Tahiti for many generations.

Before entering into the world of beauty pageants, Vaimalama Chaves pursued a career as a model. She worked as a runway model for many renowned French fashion houses, such as Chanel, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Journey to Miss Universe

Vaimalama Chaves’ journey to Miss Universe began with her selection as Miss France 2019. She was chosen from among a pool of 33 candidates in the 86th edition of the national competition. To become Miss France, she had to go through a rigorous selection process that included physical tests, interviews, and public speaking competitions.

In preparation for the Miss Universe pageant, Vaimalama Chaves has worked diligently to prepare herself both physically and mentally. She has trained rigorously in order to maintain her figure, having undertaken a fitness regime that includes yoga and Pilates.

Participation in Miss Universe

As a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, Vaimalama Chaves is not only representing her home country of France, but also bringing her unique Polynesian culture to the international stage. Beyond her status as a beauty queen, she stands as a symbol of unity and diversity, with her dual heritage bridging two very different cultures.

Throughout the Miss Universe pageant, Vaimalama Chaves has been competing in various challenges and competitions. She has shown her strength and poise as a contestant by performing well in the preliminary rounds such as the swimsuit and evening gown competitions.

Personality and Beauty

Vaimalama Chaves is an exquisite beauty with captivating features. She has a striking face, highlighted by her large eyes and full lips, and framed by her long dark hair. Her figure is toned and statuesque, thanks to her dedication to fitness and healthy living.

Vaimalama Chaves has used the Miss Universe competition to showcase her diverse talents, intelligence, and charisma. Aside from her impressive physical presence on the stage, she has also demonstrated her ability to think and communicate clearly in both English and French.

Impact and Achievements

Vaimalama Chaves’ participation in the Miss Universe pageant has had a positive effect on both France and its people. As she competes, she serves as a source of inspiration to many, particularly for those aspiring to break boundaries and pursue their dreams.

Vaimalama Chaves has earned widespread recognition during her time in the Miss Universe pageant. She has won several awards, including runner-up in the National Costume round, Best Evening Gown, and Best Swimsuit categories.

After Miss Universe

Since her participation in the Miss Universe pageant, Vaimalama Chaves has taken on a number of engagements and activities. She has become a sought-after public speaker, delivering talks on topics such as diversity and self-acceptance.

Vaimalama Chaves has taken on the role of brand ambassador and representative for France through her participation in the Miss Universe pageant. She has used this platform to showcase her country’s beauty, culture, and achievements to an international audience.


Throughout her time in the Miss Universe pageant, Vaimalama Chaves has demonstrated her strength, poise, and intelligence as a contestant, as well as a brand ambassador for France. She has achieved numerous successes in both the competition and beyond, promoting global issues and showcasing the beauty of her country to an international audience. Her participation in this pageant has been an incredible journey, and the lessons she has learned along the way will serve her well as she continues to make a difference in the world.

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