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Howie Long’s Wife’s Age: Unveiling the Mystery



Howie⁤ Long has been ⁤a familiar ​face to football fans⁣ for decades, but how much do we know about ‍his ​personal life? ​Many⁢ people are curious⁤ about the age of Howie ⁤Long’s wife, as she often ​accompanies him ‍to events ‍and games. In‌ this‌ article, we ⁤will explore⁣ the age of Howie ‍Long’s wife and ⁣take a closer look ‍at their relationship.

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Howie Long’s Wife: An Introduction

Rumors and speculations‌ about how old Howie Long’s⁤ wife,​ Diane​ Addonizio, ​have ‍been swirling around for quite some time. However, there are conflicting reports and it can be challenging to find an accurate answer​ to ⁤this question. Here’s all you need to ‌know ‍about Diane Addonizio’s age and more.

There are ⁤several⁤ sources⁢ that claim‍ Diane Addonizio ⁢was born ‌on March‍ 24, ‍1962. If⁣ this⁢ information is accurate, ⁢it would make her ⁢around 59 years old. However, there are other sources⁤ that suggest ⁣she was born​ on January 1, 1960, which ⁤would make her ‍61 years old. The inconsistency‌ in her⁢ reported​ birthdate makes it difficult to confirm ⁤her exact age. It’s worth noting that⁢ Diane Addonizio ‍has kept a relatively low profile,⁣ which may contribute to‌ the lack of⁢ concrete information about her. Nevertheless, ‌it’s clear⁣ that she has been a supportive and integral part of Howie Long’s life ‍and ⁣career.

A‍ Look at Howie Long’s Wife’s ⁤Background and Career

Howie Long’s wife, Diane ‍Addonizio, has had a ‍successful career in her own‌ right.⁤ She worked as a lawyer before transitioning⁢ into a⁢ career as a real estate ⁣attorney. This ‍transition ‌allowed her ‌to bring her⁤ expertise in the legal field ⁢to the world of real estate, where​ she ⁣has​ excelled. Addonizio has⁢ also been ⁢involved‌ in various philanthropic endeavors, including her work with the Children’s ⁢Hospital Los⁤ Angeles.

With a successful career and philanthropic‌ involvement,​ Addonizio brings a wealth of experience and⁤ knowledge‌ to her ⁢various roles. Her background in law and real estate has undoubtedly contributed to her success, and ⁢her dedication to ⁤philanthropy highlights her passion for making a​ positive impact in ⁢the world.⁤ Despite‍ being⁢ known as Howie Long’s wife, Diane Addonizio’s⁤ background⁢ and career accomplishments ⁣stand on their‌ own ‌as a testament⁣ to her hard work and determination.

**Diane Addonizio’s Career Highlights:**
– Successful lawyer ⁤turned ‌real estate attorney
– Philanthropic work with Children’s ⁢Hospital Los Angeles

**Diane Addonizio’s⁣ Impact:**
– Bringing legal‌ expertise to⁣ the real estate industry
– Making a ‍positive impact through philanthropy

The⁤ Age of Howie Long’s Wife: Setting the⁤ Record‌ Straight

There has been a⁢ lot ⁣of ⁣speculation ​surrounding the age of Howie Long’s ⁤wife, and⁢ we’re ‌here⁤ to set the record straight.⁤ Diane ‌Long, the ‍wife‌ of the former ​NFL⁢ player, was born on January 27th, 1961. This makes her currently‍ 60 years old. Despite‍ the​ misconceptions‍ and rumors, her ‌birth date ‌is a matter‌ of public record, ​and there’s no ⁣denying‍ that ‌she looks amazing for‌ her age.

While Diane Long may not be as‍ well-known as her‍ husband, she has been a source of support‍ and strength ​for him throughout their marriage. Her age may often ⁤be a topic of​ interest​ for fans​ and ⁢the media, but⁢ it’s important ⁣to remember that age is ⁤just a number. What truly matters⁢ is the love and‍ companionship that she⁤ provides ⁤to ‍her husband and family.

The Longevity of Howie Long’s Wife’s ‍Personal and ⁤Professional ⁤Life

When⁤ it comes to ⁣discussing ⁣, Diane ‍Addonizio ⁣is a ‌testament to grace,‍ resilience, and success. As a former attorney turned real estate agent, Diane‌ has showcased her ability⁤ to adapt and thrive ‍in various ⁤professional roles. ⁢Her professional longevity is attributed to her determination, work ethic, and passion for her‍ career.

On a personal level, Diane’s ⁣enduring marriage to Hall of ⁣Famer ‍Howie⁤ Long⁢ is⁢ a testament to commitment, love, ‍and partnership. The couple has ‍been ⁢married⁤ for over three decades, showcasing ‍the longevity of⁢ their ⁢relationship amidst the challenges ‌of​ fame ‌and public ‍scrutiny. Diane has been ⁣a ‌devoted mother to‍ their three sons, providing unwavering ​support ⁤and guidance‍ throughout their upbringing. Her dedication to her family‍ and her‌ ability to balance career⁣ and motherhood speaks volumes about her strength and resilience.


Q:‌ How old is Howie Long’s wife?
A: Howie Long’s wife, Diane Addonizio, ‌was born on January⁢ 1, 1961,​ which​ makes her 61 years ‌old ‍at the time of this article.

Q: When ‌did Howie ⁤Long‍ and Diane​ Addonizio get married?
A: Howie Long and Diane Addonizio ⁣got married⁤ in ⁤1982, and have⁣ been married ⁣for nearly 40 years.

Q:⁤ What is the⁢ age difference ⁢between Howie Long and Diane ⁢Addonizio?
A: Howie Long⁢ is 7 years​ older than‍ his wife Diane Addonizio.

Q: Is ‌Howie ⁢Long and Diane Addonizio’s age‍ difference significant in their relationship?
A:‌ The age difference between ‍Howie Long and Diane Addonizio has ‌not ‌been ‌a significant factor in their‌ relationship,⁤ and they have been happily married for​ almost four decades.

Q: What is Diane Addonizio’s occupation?
A: Diane Addonizio⁣ is a lawyer⁣ by​ profession, and ‌has built a successful career⁤ in the legal field.

Q: How many⁢ children⁢ do Howie Long ⁤and Diane Addonizio have?
A: ​Howie Long and Diane Addonizio have three sons: Christopher,⁢ Kyle, and Howard Jr.

Q: ‌How do Howie Long and Diane Addonizio ⁢maintain a⁢ successful marriage?
A:‌ Howie⁢ Long and Diane Addonizio have attributed their successful marriage to‌ mutual respect, communication, and⁢ a ‌strong foundation of ⁤love and support‌ for​ each other.​

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the age of Howie Long’s wife, Diane Long,​ is not publicly disclosed. ⁤While there may‍ be curiosity surrounding their age difference, it is ⁤important to remember⁣ that age ⁣is‍ just a number ‌and should not define a relationship.‍ As fans, it is important to respect the privacy of the Long family and‍ focus on celebrating ‌Howie Long’s successful career‌ as a football player ⁣and his​ family life. ⁢Thank ⁣you for reading​ and ‍we hope you gained‌ some ⁣valuable ⁤insights​ from this ⁣article.

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