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Exploring the Recreational Opportunities at Pinemere Camp



Nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Pinemere Camp has been providing a memorable summer camp experience for children for over 80 years. With a strong focus on traditional camping activities, outdoor education, and social development, Pinemere Camp offers a unique opportunity for kids to unplug and connect with nature. From swimming in the pristine lake to learning new skills through a variety of activities, Pinemere Camp provides a well-rounded and enriching experience for campers of all ages. Location and Facilities of Pinemere Camp
Pinemere Camp is nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, providing a picturesque and natural setting for campers to enjoy. The camp features modern cabins, a large dining hall, outdoor amphitheater, sports fields, a pool, and a serene lake for water activities. With over 180 acres of land, there is plenty of space for campers to explore and participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

Activities and Programs Offered at Pinemere Camp
Pinemere Camp offers a wide range of activities and programs to cater to the interests of every camper. From traditional camp activities like swimming, archery, and arts and crafts, to specialty programs such as outdoor adventure, performing arts, and wilderness survival, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Campers also have the opportunity to take part in leadership development programs and community service projects, fostering personal growth and a sense of community.

Community and Staff at Pinemere Camp
The welcoming and inclusive community at Pinemere Camp is made up of campers and staff from diverse backgrounds, creating a supportive and accepting environment for all. The dedicated staff members are carefully selected for their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for campers. Whether it’s through making new friends, participating in team-building activities, or bonding with counselors, campers are sure to feel a strong sense of belonging within the camp community.


Q: What is Pinemere Camp?
A: Pinemere Camp is a traditional Jewish summer camp located in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania.

Q: What age group is Pinemere Camp for?
A: Pinemere Camp is for children and teens ages 6-16.

Q: What kind of activities does Pinemere Camp offer?
A: Pinemere Camp offers a wide range of activities including sports, arts and crafts, swimming, outdoor adventures, and Jewish programming.

Q: What is the camp’s mission?
A: Pinemere Camp’s mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where campers can have fun, build friendships, and explore their Jewish identity.

Q: What sets Pinemere Camp apart from other camps?
A: Pinemere Camp prides itself on its strong sense of community and its commitment to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for all campers.

Q: How can I enroll my child in Pinemere Camp?
A: You can enroll your child in Pinemere Camp by visiting their website and filling out an application. There are also options for scholarship and financial aid for families in need.

Q: What are the accommodations like at Pinemere Camp?
A: Pinemere Camp offers a variety of accommodations including cabins, bunkhouses, and platform tents, all situated in a scenic wooded setting.

Q: What do former campers and parents have to say about their experiences at Pinemere Camp?
A: Former campers and parents have praised Pinemere Camp for its positive impact on their children, its strong sense of community, and the lasting friendships that are built at the camp. In conclusion, Pinemere Camp offers a unique and enriching experience for campers of all ages. With a focus on community, tradition, and personal growth, the camp provides a supportive and fun environment for children to thrive. From the wide range of activities to the strong Jewish identity, Pinemere Camp has something to offer for everyone. Whether it’s the picturesque setting or the dedicated staff, this camp has left a lasting impact on campers for over 75 years. If you’re looking for a summer camp experience that combines fun, learning, and personal development, Pinemere Camp may be the perfect fit for your child. Consider exploring all that this exceptional camp has to offer.

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