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Exploring Lakeview Cemetery: Seattle’s Historic Gem



Nestled‍ in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood⁣ lies a hidden gem⁤ with ‍a serene and storied‌ past⁤ – Lakeview Cemetery. Known for its⁣ lush landscaping⁤ and panoramic views ‍of the city, this historic ‌burial ground​ has ⁣been the‍ final resting place for some of the city’s⁤ most prominent figures since its⁤ founding in 1872. ⁢From pioneers⁣ and politicians to artists and entrepreneurs, Lakeview Cemetery ⁣tells ‍the tale ⁣of ⁢Seattle’s⁤ rich history through its silent residents. Join us ⁢on a journey through time as we explore the ⁤beauty, history, and intrigue‍ of this iconic Seattle landmark.

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Exploring the Beauty‍ and⁣ History ‍of ‍Lakeview ⁣Cemetery Seattle

Nestled in⁤ the heart of Seattle’s Capitol ‍Hill neighborhood lies⁢ a ‌hidden gem that ‍is Lakeview Cemetery.⁤ This historic​ location⁢ offers visitors a chance ⁢to explore the beauty of nature​ while also discovering the ⁣rich history of the city. Established in 1872, the cemetery is the final resting place for‌ several notable figures​ such as martial arts legend Bruce Lee and ​his son Brandon Lee.

As ‌you⁤ wander ​through⁤ the picturesque grounds, you’ll ​be ‍surrounded‌ by an ⁤array of stunning landscapes. From the well-manicured lawns ‍to the towering trees ‌and serene ⁤water⁣ features, there’s‌ no⁣ shortage of natural beauty to take in.​ Be sure to bring ⁣your camera as ⁣the views‍ of the Seattle skyline ⁢ from the hilltop are ⁣truly breathtaking.

Name Notable For
Bruce Lee Martial Arts⁣ Legend
Brandon Lee Actor
Princess⁤ Angeline Daughter of ‍Chief ⁣Seattle
  • Stroll through the ornate headstones ‌and monuments that tell ⁣the stories of ⁢Seattle’s ⁣past.
  • Pay your respects at the⁢ gravesites of some of the city’s most influential residents.
  • Take a ​guided tour to ​learn even⁤ more about the history and significance of this cherished location.

Whether‍ you’re a history⁣ buff,‌ nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful escape⁢ from the ⁣hustle⁤ and bustle of the city, ‍ Lakeview ‌Cemetery is a must-visit destination. So, take⁢ a step back in ‌time ‌and experience the beauty ⁤and history ​that⁢ this⁤ special ‍place has to offer.

Unveiling the Famous Graves and Monuments of Lakeview⁣ Cemetery

Nestled in the heart of⁢ Seattle’s Capitol ‌Hill​ neighborhood,⁣ Lakeview Cemetery is a tranquil oasis of history and beauty. Established ‌in 1872, ⁣this sprawling‌ 40-acre cemetery ⁣is‌ the final resting place ⁣for some of the ⁢city’s most ​notable ⁢residents. As​ you wander through the ⁢rolling hills and‌ towering trees, ​you’ll discover ‍an array of impressive​ monuments and gravestones ⁢that tell‍ the stories ​of Seattle’s past.

Among the famous graves in Lakeview⁤ Cemetery⁢ is the‌ ornate tomb of Princess Angeline,⁣ the⁢ daughter of Chief Seattle, for whom the city is⁢ named.‌ Her gravesite features a large obelisk and is often adorned with flowers and tributes from visitors. Another notable⁣ monument ‌is the striking Bruce Lee and Brandon⁣ Lee Memorial, which pays⁤ tribute to the martial‍ arts legend and his son,⁤ both ‍of whom⁢ are buried here. ‍The black​ granite headstone features their images and inscriptions‍ in both English ⁤and ⁣Chinese.

  • Princess Angeline (1820-1896)​ –⁣ Daughter of Chief ⁤Seattle
  • Bruce‍ Lee (1940-1973) – Martial Arts Legend
  • Brandon Lee​ (1965-1993) – Actor

Other fascinating markers include the grave of Thomas Mercer, one of Seattle’s​ early pioneers ⁢and the namesake of Lake ⁢Union and Mercer‍ Island. His towering⁤ obelisk is ​a testament to his‍ contributions to​ the ⁢city’s development. ⁤The cemetery is also home to the ⁢beautiful Historic Section, which features elaborate Victorian-era headstones and statues.⁣ Whether ⁢you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply⁤ seeking a ‍peaceful​ place to reflect, Lakeview Cemetery is a must-visit ‍destination in ⁢Seattle.

Name Notable⁤ For Years Lived
Princess Angeline Chief​ Seattle’s‍ Daughter 1820-1896
Bruce Lee Martial Arts Legend 1940-1973
Brandon ‍Lee Actor 1965-1993

The Best Time to Visit Lakeview Cemetery and What to ​Expect

If you’re ⁣planning⁢ a trip to Seattle, a visit to the ​historic Lakeview Cemetery should definitely be on ‍your itinerary. ​The‍ best time‍ to⁤ visit⁣ the cemetery is during the spring and fall months ‌when the weather is mild and‌ the foliage ‌is at its​ most stunning. The cemetery‌ is open year-round,⁣ but these⁤ seasons offer ⁣the most comfortable temperatures for⁣ walking​ around and exploring the grounds.

When⁣ you visit,⁤ you ⁤can expect to see a ‌beautifully maintained ‍landscape with lush greenery and‌ a variety ⁤of trees and plants. The‌ cemetery is home to ⁢the graves of many notable⁢ figures in Seattle’s history, including martial ⁢artist Bruce ⁣Lee and his ‍son Brandon Lee. You’ll ‍also find​ stunning​ views of ​ Lake Washington and ‍the Cascade⁤ Mountains from certain points ​in ​the ‍cemetery.

  • Spring and ⁤Fall⁣ are ⁤the best times to visit
  • Open year-round
  • Notable figures buried ⁣here include​ Bruce and Brandon Lee
  • Stunning views of ​Lake Washington and⁤ Cascade Mountains
Season Weather Scenery
Spring Mild Lush greenery, blooming​ flowers
Fall Mild Colorful foliage
Summer Warm Full greenery
Winter Cold Bare trees, possible‍ snow

A Guide⁣ to Navigating Lakeview Cemetery: Tips for ⁣a Respectful Visit

Visiting Lakeview Cemetery Seattle can ‍be a ‌peaceful and reflective experience. The ‍cemetery, with its picturesque views and ⁤historic graves, is ⁤a popular ⁢spot for those looking to connect with ‍the ⁤past and pay their respects.‍ Here‍ are a few tips to⁣ ensure ⁣your visit is respectful and⁣ memorable.

Firstly, it’s important to ⁣ keep noise levels⁤ down. This is a ‍place of​ rest⁢ and reflection,​ so loud conversations or music can be⁢ disruptive to others. ⁤If you’re visiting with children, make sure they understand‍ the importance of⁤ being quiet and ‌respectful.

When walking around the cemetery, stay on​ designated paths. This⁣ helps to preserve the⁤ grounds and prevents⁣ accidental damage to ⁤any gravesites. If ‌you’re unsure about where to‌ walk,⁣ look for signs or ask a staff member for guidance. Additionally, do not touch or ​lean on headstones. These ​are often old ‍and fragile, and can be easily damaged.

Do’s Don’ts
Respect the grounds Disturb the peace
Follow​ signage Walk ⁤off-path
Ask staff for help Touch⁤ the ⁤headstones

Remember, Lakeview Cemetery Seattle ⁢ is⁣ not only a place of ⁢mourning but also a historical site. Many notable⁣ figures are buried here, including martial⁤ arts legend Bruce Lee and​ his son ⁢Brandon Lee. It’s a place that ⁤deserves our utmost respect and⁢ consideration during every visit.​ Keep​ these tips in⁤ mind⁢ to ensure a peaceful ⁢and ‌respectful experience⁣ for everyone.


Q: What is⁤ Lake View ‌Cemetery in Seattle?
A: Lake View Cemetery is a ⁣historic cemetery located in Seattle, Washington. It ⁣is the final resting place​ for many prominent figures​ in the ‍city’s ⁤history.

Q: Who are ⁣some⁤ of the⁣ notable individuals⁣ buried at Lake View Cemetery?
A: Some of the‌ notable individuals buried ⁤at Lake⁣ View Cemetery include Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon⁢ Lee, as well as Princess Angeline, the‌ daughter of Chief ⁢Seattle.

Q: What makes ⁤Lake View ⁤Cemetery‍ a⁢ popular ​tourist ‍attraction?
A: ⁣Lake View ‍Cemetery is popular among tourists because of its scenic beauty ​and its status as‍ a historic⁢ site. Visitors can take guided tours to ​learn ‌about the cemetery’s​ history⁢ and the famous individuals buried there.

Q: ‍Are there ‌any special ‌events or attractions​ at Lake View Cemetery?
A:⁣ The cemetery holds special ⁢events and tours throughout the‍ year, including a Memorial ⁢Day celebration and⁣ a Halloween-themed tour. ⁤The cemetery is also known for its⁤ beautiful‍ views of Lake Washington ⁢and the⁢ Cascade Mountains.

Q: Can the public visit ‌Lake ⁤View Cemetery?
A: Yes, Lake​ View Cemetery is open to the⁤ public for⁢ visitation and tours. ⁣However, visitors are asked to be respectful of the solemnity of the site and to follow any posted rules ‌and regulations.

Q:⁢ What ⁣is the history‌ of Lake View ⁤Cemetery?
A: Lake View Cemetery was established ‍in 1872 and has since become a ⁢significant‍ cultural landmark ⁣in the Seattle area. Its ⁢founding was driven by the need for ⁢a‍ dedicated burial ground in the rapidly‍ growing city. Over the years, the ⁢cemetery has expanded and evolved, but it has consistently ​served as a place of⁤ remembrance and ⁢reflection for‍ the‍ community.

Q:‌ Are there any legends or ‌ghost ⁣stories associated with Lake View ⁤Cemetery?
A: ‍Some people ⁣believe that ‍Lake View Cemetery is haunted,‌ and⁢ there have ‍been reports of ghostly ​sightings and eerie occurrences. These stories add to the mystery and intrigue surrounding⁢ the ‌cemetery and make it a popular destination for those ​interested in the⁣ supernatural.‌

The Conclusion

As you leave ⁣the Lake​ View Cemetery in Seattle, take a moment to reflect on the beauty​ and history that​ surrounds you. The serene landscape, adorned​ with stunning monuments and captivating views ‌of the​ city, serves as a reminder‌ of‍ the⁣ lives and legacies that have⁢ come before⁣ us. Whether ⁤you ⁣come to pay your respects,​ explore​ the beautiful ⁢grounds, or⁤ simply soak in the peaceful ambience, Lake View Cemetery offers⁢ a unique and ⁤enriching experience for⁤ all who visit. ⁢As you⁢ go back ‌to the hustle and bustle of city⁣ life, may the memories and tranquility of this ​sacred place stay with you.

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