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Discover the Wonders of Leslie Science Center!



Nestled ⁣amidst ​the lush greenery of Ann Arbor, Michigan lies a⁢ hidden​ gem that​ promises to ignite the spark of curiosity and wonder within⁤ every‍ visitor – the Leslie ​Science Center. ⁢With its ‌sprawling 50-acre campus, this center is a haven for nature lovers, science enthusiasts, and⁢ families looking for an educational yet fun-filled​ outing.‍ From interactive exhibits to live animal encounters, the Leslie Science Center offers an immersive experience that ⁣is both informative and ⁤engaging. So, if you’re ready to​ embark on a journey of discovery⁣ and exploration, read on to​ find out why the Leslie Science Center ⁣should be ‍your next destination.

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Discover ⁣the ⁢Wonder of Nature at⁣ Leslie Science Center

Are you looking ​for‌ an ⁤exciting ⁤adventure that will ignite ⁣your ‌curiosity and love for nature? ⁣Look no further than Leslie Science‌ Center, ⁤where you can explore the wonders of‌ the⁢ natural world in a fun and interactive way. Our center is​ dedicated ⁣to providing hands-on experiences that will educate and ​inspire ⁤visitors of all ages.

At Leslie Science Center, ⁢you will find a variety of engaging exhibits and programs that cater ⁣to a range⁣ of interests. Whether you’re a budding scientist, a ⁢nature enthusiast, or simply looking for⁣ a‍ fun day out with ‍the family, we have something for everyone. Some ⁣of our highlights include:

  • Live Animal ⁢Encounters: Get up‍ close and personal with our​ resident wildlife,​ including birds of prey, ​reptiles, and amphibians. Learn about their habitats, behaviors,⁤ and the important role they play in our ecosystem.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Discover ‌the ⁢science​ behind everyday phenomena through our interactive displays. Explore topics⁤ like renewable energy, water conservation, ​and the physics of flight in a hands-on way ⁣that makes learning fun.
  • Guided Nature Walks: ‌Take ‍a stroll through our‌ beautiful grounds with one of our⁤ knowledgeable guides. Learn about the diverse plant and animal‍ life that‍ calls our center home, and gain a new‌ appreciation for the natural ‍world around us.

Don’t ⁤miss​ out on the opportunity to discover the wonder of nature at ​Leslie Science ⁣Center. We can’t wait​ to ⁣welcome you and share the beauty and excitement ‍of the natural‍ world. Plan‌ your visit ⁢today!

Program Age⁤ Group Time Price
Live Animal Encounters All Ages 10am-4pm $5 per person
Interactive ‌Exhibits All Ages 10am-4pm Free‍ with admission
Guided Nature Walks Adults 1pm-2pm $10 per⁤ person

Unleash ⁢Your Inner Scientist with Hands-On ​Exhibits

Step into a ⁤world of⁣ discovery⁣ at the⁢ Leslie ⁣Science ‍Center, where hands-on exhibits bring science‍ to life. Explore the wonders of nature, get up ‌close and personal with live animals, and conduct your own⁢ experiments in⁢ our ⁣interactive science stations. Our exhibits are‌ designed to ⁤engage visitors of all ages,⁣ making ​learning‌ fun and exciting.

  • Test your⁤ engineering ​skills by building a ​bridge that can‍ withstand an earthquake in our‌ Earthquake Challenge exhibit.
  • Discover the power of renewable energy ⁢by creating your own wind‍ turbine in our Wind Power exhibit.
  • Learn about the water cycle and how to conserve this precious resource in our Water Works exhibit.

Our exhibits are ‌constantly changing, so there’s always something new to ⁣discover. Whether you’re a seasoned scientist​ or a⁤ curious beginner, the Leslie⁤ Science⁢ Center has something for⁢ everyone. So come on in, roll up your sleeves, and unleash your inner scientist!

Exhibit Age Group Interactive Elements
Earthquake Challenge 8+ Build⁢ and test structures
Wind⁢ Power 10+ Create and test wind turbines
Water Works All ages Water cycle game, ⁢conservation tips

Explore the Great Outdoors‌ with Guided Nature ⁤Walks and Wildlife Encounters

Bored ⁣of the same old hiking trails? Want to experience nature ‍ in a new and exciting way? ⁢Look no further ⁣than⁤ the Leslie Science Center! Our expert ⁣guides will take you on an adventure through our beautiful ⁤forests,⁢ meadows,‌ and wetlands, ⁤showing you the hidden​ gems ⁣of the great outdoors.

We offer a variety of nature walks‌ and wildlife ⁢encounters ‍to suit all interests and skill levels. ⁣Take ‍a leisurely stroll ‍through our butterfly garden, or ​embark ⁤on a ⁤more challenging hike to spot some of Michigan’s most elusive animals. Our walks are ⁣designed⁣ to be educational and⁣ interactive, so you’ll leave with a greater understanding​ and appreciation for ⁤the natural world.

  • Guided Nature Walks
  • Wildlife Encounters
  • Butterfly Garden Tours
  • Bird Watching Excursions
Activity Duration Price
Guided Nature Walk 1 hour $10 per​ person
Wildlife Encounter 2 hours $20 per ​person
Butterfly Garden Tour 30 ⁤minutes $5 per person
Bird Watching Excursion 3 hours $30 ‍per‌ person

So why wait? Come ‍join ⁢us ⁤at the ⁣Leslie Science ⁤Center and experience the magic ⁤of the great ‌outdoors. Book your guided​ nature walk or wildlife ‌encounter today!

Why Leslie Science Center Should Be Your‍ Next Family Adventure Destination

If you’re‌ looking ⁣for a fun⁤ and educational ‍outing ⁣for the whole family, look no⁢ further than the Leslie Science Center. Situated on 50 acres of natural beauty, this interactive center​ offers a wide‌ variety of ‌activities that are both entertaining and informative.

One ‌of the highlights of the ‌center is ⁣the live animal exhibits. Get up​ close and personal with birds of prey, reptiles, and amphibians, and learn about ​their natural habitats and behaviors. The center also offers hands-on science exhibits that will keep kids engaged and excited about ​learning. Discover‍ the ‍wonders of physics, chemistry,‌ and biology ‌through interactive displays and experiments.

  • Outdoor Nature‌ Trails
  • Planetarium Shows
  • Science⁤ Workshops
  • Wildlife⁢ Encounters

Not only is the Leslie Science Center a fun ‍destination, but it’s also​ an affordable ‍one. ⁣With reasonable admission ​prices and a variety‌ of ⁣ family-friendly programs, you can enjoy a⁤ full day of adventure without breaking the⁣ bank. Check out the table below for a quick glance at some of the center’s offerings:

Activity Age Group Price
Live Animal Exhibit All ages $5‌ per ⁢person
Hands-on ​Science ‌Exhibit 4-12‍ years $7 per child
Nature Trail Hike All ⁣ages Free

Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting ⁣the area, the​ Leslie ⁢Science ​Center⁤ is​ a must-visit ⁤destination that⁣ will create⁤ lasting memories for your family.‌ With ⁢its engaging exhibits, ⁣beautiful ‌surroundings, and ⁤plethora ​of activities, it’s an⁢ adventure that everyone ​can enjoy. So why ⁤wait? Plan your visit today!


Q: What is Leslie Science Center?
A: Leslie ​Science Center ‌is a beloved educational ‌institution located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, dedicated to ⁤providing hands-on⁤ science ‌experiences for people ‍of all ages.

Q: What can visitors expect to see​ and do at the Leslie Science Center?
A: ⁢Visitors can expect​ to explore interactive exhibits, hike ‍through nature trails, and participate in a ‍wide range of educational programs and events that promote curiosity ‌and discovery.

Q: What makes ⁢Leslie ⁣Science Center a unique and worthwhile destination?
A: Leslie Science ⁤Center offers⁤ a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with nature⁣ and science ​in a fun‌ and meaningful way, making it the ⁣perfect destination ‌for families,⁤ school⁤ groups, ⁢and anyone ‌with a passion for learning.

Q: How does Leslie Science⁣ Center make a positive impact in⁢ the community?
A: Leslie Science Center actively promotes environmental stewardship and fosters a love⁤ for⁣ nature and science​ in the⁤ community through their programs and outreach efforts.

Q: What can supporters do to help ⁢Leslie Science Center continue its mission?
A: Supporters ‍can get​ involved by volunteering, donating, or simply⁣ spreading the word about‌ the valuable work‌ being done at Leslie Science Center. By joining forces,‌ we‍ can ensure⁢ that this important resource continues to thrive‍ for generations to come.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, the Leslie ‌Science Center is ⁣not only a haven for science enthusiasts, but ‍also a place ‌for ⁤everyone to explore and discover the wonders​ of the natural world. ⁢With its hands-on exhibits, engaging⁣ programs,⁤ and beautiful natural‍ surroundings, it provides a⁣ unique and enriching ⁣experience⁤ for⁤ visitors of all ⁣ages. So, whether you’re a curious child, a passionate ⁢educator, or⁣ simply someone who enjoys learning new things, ​the Leslie Science Center is ‌a must-visit destination. Come and immerse yourself in the magic‍ of science and nature -⁤ you won’t be disappointed!

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