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David Ghantt: Life After the Heist



David ‌Ghantt, the ⁤infamous armored ⁢car driver​ who ⁤made ​headlines in​ 1997 for orchestrating one of the​ largest cash heists in United States​ history,​ has led a life of enigma and intrigue.⁤ After serving his​ time in prison, Ghantt has largely stayed out of the ⁤public⁢ eye, leaving many to wonder what he is ‍up ⁤to now. ⁤In ⁣this article, we delve into the life of David ⁤Ghantt, exploring ⁤what‌ he has been​ doing​ since his release and how he⁢ has been ‌navigating ⁤life ‍post-infamy.

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-⁢ The Early​ Life and Career of David Ghantt

David Scott Ghantt was born on⁣ November 30, 1969, in the‌ United ‌States. He‍ grew up⁣ in North Carolina ‌and eventually began working as a vault supervisor for Loomis Fargo ⁣& Co. in Charlotte,‌ North Carolina. ⁢It was during his time at Loomis‍ Fargo that Ghantt⁣ became involved in one of the most famous heists⁢ in American⁣ history. In 1997, Ghantt stole $17.3 ‍million‍ from the company and fled to Mexico,​ where ⁢he was eventually captured and extradited back‍ to the United States.

Following his arrest​ and imprisonment, David ‍Ghantt has largely stayed out of‍ the public⁤ eye. He served seven years in⁣ prison ⁢for his involvement in the theft before‌ being released on‌ parole. Since then, he‍ has maintained a low profile and ⁣has not been involved in any⁣ high-profile criminal activity. It ​is believed that Ghantt has been working to rebuild his life⁢ and move past his infamous⁢ past.

– The Infamous Loomis Fargo Heist and Its⁢ Aftermath

After the infamous Loomis ⁤Fargo heist, one of the ⁤key figures involved, David Ghantt, found himself at the center of a nationwide manhunt.⁣ Ghantt, who was‌ portrayed by​ actor Zach Galifianakis in ‌the ⁤2016‌ film “Masterminds,”⁣ was ⁣ultimately arrested in Mexico ‍and⁣ extradited back to​ the United States to face charges related ⁤to the daring⁤ robbery. Ghantt ultimately pleaded ⁢guilty to his ⁢involvement in the heist and​ served⁤ several years in ⁤prison.

Now, ‍following his release from prison, David Ghantt⁣ has largely ⁣kept‍ a ⁢low profile. While‍ some‍ reports⁤ indicate that he has returned to a‍ relatively quiet life in North Carolina, ‍others suggest that he has been involved in⁣ various entrepreneurial and‍ business endeavors. Here’s a ​look at what ‌David Ghantt is doing now, years after the infamous ​Loomis‍ Fargo heist.

It ⁢seems that ⁢David‍ Ghantt has been focusing⁤ on rebuilding ‌his life and moving forward from the events of the past. ⁢While he may continue to be⁤ remembered for his involvement in the Loomis ‌Fargo heist, it appears that he is working towards turning over a new ‌leaf and ‍carving ‍out⁣ a ⁤different path for himself.

– David Ghantt’s ‍Capture, Imprisonment,⁤ and Release

After his capture, ​imprisonment, ⁣and eventual release, David⁢ Ghantt has been quietly rebuilding ⁤his life. Following the events that⁢ inspired the ⁢2016 film ​”Masterminds,”​ Ghantt has since‍ kept ‌a low profile, staying out of the‌ public eye. Despite the sensational nature ‍of his story, Ghantt⁤ has chosen to focus on moving forward⁣ and creating a ‍new life‍ for himself.

Since his ⁣release, Ghantt⁤ has been focused on‍ leading a ‌more private life. While he ​may ‌not be making headlines, ‌he⁤ is undoubtedly working on rebuilding and creating⁢ a new future for himself. With ​his past behind him, Ghantt​ is focused⁤ on living a quiet and fulfilling life, away⁣ from the public scrutiny that surrounded his capture⁣ and imprisonment. With the determination and resilience that helped him navigate his turbulent past, Ghantt is undoubtedly working‍ on ⁣building a new and promising future for ⁢himself.

-‌ David Ghantt’s Current Activities and​ Public Perception

David Ghantt, famously known for his⁤ involvement in the 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery, has since been⁤ leading a⁣ relatively‍ quiet life. After serving his time in prison, Ghantt has been focusing on ​rebuilding his​ life⁢ and staying out of the public​ eye.

Despite his notorious past, Ghantt has been actively working to reshape public perception. He has been involved in various community ⁣service projects,​ aiming to make⁣ a positive ⁤impact and show a different side‌ of himself.⁢ Additionally, David ‍has been dedicated to ⁢personal growth and self-improvement, seeking to‌ distance ‌himself from his ⁤criminal ⁢past.


Q: What⁣ is David Ghantt known for?
A: David Ghantt ‌gained notoriety as the main figure in the infamous‍ Loomis Fargo​ robbery in 1997, where he made off ‍with ⁣$17.3 million.

Q: What is David Ghantt‌ doing now?
A: ⁤After serving time in prison for his role in​ the robbery, David Ghantt has reportedly been⁤ leading a quiet life in the United ​States.

Q: Is David Ghantt still involved in criminal activities?
A: There ‌have been no‍ reports or evidence to ‌suggest that ​David Ghantt ‍has been involved⁤ in any criminal activities since his ‍release from prison.

Q: How has ‍David ⁢Ghantt ‍been adjusting to life after his criminal past?
A: Ghantt has kept a low profile, and it is⁣ said that he has ⁤been focusing on‍ rebuilding his life and staying out⁤ of trouble.

Q: What are David Ghantt’s ‍future plans?
A: ‌It is unclear what Ghantt’s future ⁣plans⁢ are, as he has largely remained out⁤ of the public eye.⁤ However, ​it is believed that he ​is ‍trying to make‍ amends ‍and ‍lead a law-abiding⁤ life.

Wrapping ⁣Up

In ⁤conclusion,‍ David Ghantt has‍ certainly experienced a remarkable⁤ journey since his days as a ​co-conspirator ⁣in the infamous Loomis Fargo heist. ⁤Despite serving time in prison, he has managed to turn ⁣his ​life⁢ around and now leads a ⁤quiet and simple life away from ​the spotlight. While he may no longer be⁤ involved⁣ in any criminal activity, Ghantt’s story continues to capture the imagination of ‍many, serving as ⁤a cautionary tale of the consequences of making poor choices. As he settles⁢ into a more peaceful ⁢existence, one can’t help but wonder​ what the future holds​ for David Ghantt. Regardless, his story‌ serves as a‌ reminder of the power of ⁢redemption and the hope for a better tomorrow.

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