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CityMD Lake Grove: Your Go-To Urgent Care Center



Nestled in the heart ​of Lake Grove, New York, lies a ‌hidden gem that offers residents and visitors⁣ alike ⁢a unique blend of convenience ⁣and quality healthcare. ⁣CityMD ⁣Lake Grove‌ is more than just an urgent care center ⁤- it’s a beacon of hope for those in need ⁤of medical​ attention. Whether it’s a⁣ case of the sniffles ⁢or a⁢ more serious ailment, the dedicated team at CityMD is ready ‌and‍ waiting to ⁢ provide top-notch care with a‍ personal touch. In this article,‍ we’ll take​ a closer look at what makes ​CityMD Lake Grove stand ‌out from the rest and why ​it’s⁣ become a go-to destination for healthcare in⁢ the area.

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Exploring ‍the⁣ Convenience of CityMD Lake Grove

When⁤ it⁤ comes to convenience in​ healthcare, CityMD has got you covered. Their ‍Lake ‍Grove location is a prime ‍example of how they‌ are ⁤making ⁣it⁢ easier for patients to access medical care. With ⁣extended​ hours, including weekends, you⁢ can walk in and be seen by a healthcare ‍professional without the‍ need for an appointment. This ‌is especially helpful for⁢ those unexpected illnesses⁢ or injuries that‌ can’t ​wait for a scheduled doctor’s visit.

Not⁣ only⁤ is the walk-in aspect ‌convenient, but CityMD Lake Grove also offers a ⁤variety of services under ‌one roof. From urgent care to x-rays and ⁢lab work, patients can receive⁢ comprehensive care without​ having to ‍travel to multiple locations. ‍Plus, the staff at this location is known for​ their friendly and efficient service, making your visit​ as smooth as ‌possible.

  • Extended Hours
  • Walk-in Availability
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Friendly Staff
Service Availability
Urgent‍ Care Walk-in
X-Rays Walk-in
Lab Work Walk-in

A Closer Look at the ​Services Offered ‍at CityMD Lake‌ Grove

At CityMD Lake‍ Grove, we understand that your‍ health⁢ and ⁤wellness⁣ needs are‍ unique, which‌ is why we offer​ a wide ‍range⁤ of services to‍ cater to them. Whether‌ you⁢ need urgent care for a ‌sudden illness or ⁤injury, ‍or ⁢you’re looking for ongoing support with‍ managing ⁢a chronic condition, our ‍team ⁣of experienced⁣ medical professionals is here to‍ help.

Our services include, ‌but ⁤are not ⁤limited to:

  • Urgent Care: Need‌ immediate ‍medical ⁣attention for a ​non-life-threatening condition? Our urgent care services are​ available for walk-in ⁢patients, ⁣with no appointment necessary. From colds⁤ and‍ flu to cuts and‌ bruises, we‍ can provide the care you need, when ‍you⁣ need it.
  • Physical Exams: Whether you need a physical for school, work, or sports, our team can ​provide a ⁢thorough examination to ensure you’re in good health.
  • Vaccinations: ‍ Stay up-to-date with your​ vaccinations ⁣with ​our convenient and⁣ affordable immunization services.

We⁣ also offer a variety of⁤ diagnostic ​tests, such as X-rays and lab ⁤work, to‌ help identify and treat any‌ health concerns ‍you may have. Our state-of-the-art⁤ facilities are ⁢equipped with⁢ the latest⁢ technology ⁤to ⁤ensure accurate and timely results.

Service Availability Cost
Flu Shots Walk-in or‌ Appointment Affordable with most‍ insurances
X-Rays Walk-in Covered by⁢ most ⁤insurances
Physical Exams Appointment‌ only Varies

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, convenient, ⁤and affordable healthcare services to ⁤the⁤ Lake ⁣Grove community. Let us ‌be your go-to destination for ⁢all your healthcare needs.

Why‍ CityMD Lake Grove ‍is ⁣the Go-To for Urgent Care ⁤Needs

When it comes to ⁢urgent ​care needs, CityMD Lake Grove has become ‍the go-to⁣ for many in the community. With a wide range of services available, patients can rest assured that their health concerns will be ‌addressed promptly and effectively. From minor injuries⁣ to illnesses, the medical professionals at CityMD ⁣Lake ‍Grove are equipped to handle ⁢a variety of medical situations.

Some of the services offered at ⁢CityMD Lake Grove include:

  • On-site‌ X-rays‌ and lab testing
  • Physical exams and‌ vaccinations
  • Occupational medicine ⁣and worker’s compensation
  • Treatment for common illnesses ‌such as the⁢ flu,​ strep throat, and ear ​infections

Not​ only ⁣does CityMD Lake Grove provide comprehensive‌ urgent ‍care ⁣services, but ‍they also offer convenient hours and⁣ locations. With extended hours⁤ during the week and weekend availability, ​patients can receive care when they need it most. Plus, ⁢with multiple locations throughout ⁢the area, finding⁢ a CityMD Lake Grove ‌location that is‍ easily accessible ⁣is ⁤never an⁣ issue.

Location Hours Services
Lake ​Grove 8am-8pm‌ Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat-Sun X-rays, lab testing, physicals,⁤ vaccinations
Smithtown 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, ⁤9am-3pm Sat-Sun Occupational medicine, worker’s comp, illness treatment

Whether you’re in⁣ need of​ immediate medical attention or‍ simply looking⁣ to get⁢ a ‌routine check-up, CityMD Lake Grove is the place⁤ to go⁣ for reliable⁤ and efficient urgent ⁢care⁤ services.

Tips for⁤ Making the ⁤Most⁤ of Your Visit to CityMD Lake Grove

If you’re ​planning a visit⁤ to⁢ CityMD Lake Grove, here are some tips to ⁤help you make the most of your‌ time there:

  • Check-In Online: Save time ⁢by checking in online before⁢ you arrive. This way, you can complete any necessary paperwork and provide your insurance information ‌ahead of time.
  • Bring Identification and Insurance: Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and⁣ your ‌insurance card. If you don’t ⁤have insurance,​ be prepared to⁤ pay for your visit⁣ out of pocket.
  • Know ⁤Your Symptoms: ⁤Be prepared to ​discuss your symptoms with the doctor. ⁣Write ‌them down beforehand if that helps‌ you remember.

If you need to‌ get lab work done, CityMD Lake ⁢Grove has an on-site⁣ lab for your ⁣convenience.⁤ Here’s a quick⁢ overview of the types of‍ tests available:

Test​ Type Estimated Time Notes
Blood Tests 15-20 minutes Results typically available within a few days
Urine Tests 10-15 minutes Often used ‍for drug screening or pregnancy tests
Rapid Strep Test 5 ⁤minutes Results⁤ available during your visit

Finally, don’t ‍hesitate to ask questions or⁢ voice any concerns you may have.‍ The staff at CityMD Lake Grove is there​ to help‌ you and ensure that you receive the best possible care.


Q: What is CityMD Lake ⁤Grove?
A: CityMD Lake ⁢Grove is an urgent care facility⁢ located in ​the town of Lake⁤ Grove,⁤ New York.

Q: ‌What ⁣services ⁢does CityMD Lake Grove offer?
A: CityMD Lake Grove​ offers a range⁤ of urgent care services,​ including​ treatment‌ for minor injuries, illnesses, ​vaccinations, and ‌physical exams.

Q: What are ​the clinic hours⁤ at CityMD Lake Grove?
A: The⁤ clinic⁢ hours⁣ at CityMD Lake⁤ Grove vary, but ‍they⁣ are typically open seven days a week, with​ extended ‍hours to accommodate ‌patients with busy schedules.

Q: Are the staff at CityMD‌ Lake⁣ Grove qualified to provide medical ⁢care?
A:‍ Yes, the staff at ⁢CityMD ⁢Lake Grove​ are‍ highly qualified ⁤medical professionals, including board-certified doctors and ​experienced nurses.

Q: Is CityMD Lake Grove equipped⁢ to handle‍ medical emergencies?
A:‍ While ⁣CityMD Lake Grove can handle ‍many urgent‍ medical needs, it is not equipped ⁤to handle life-threatening emergencies. In the case ​of a medical emergency,​ it is ⁢important⁤ to call ​911 or visit ⁤the nearest emergency room.

Q: Can I ⁢schedule⁣ an appointment ⁤at CityMD Lake Grove?
A: CityMD Lake ‌Grove operates on a ⁤walk-in basis, so appointments are not necessary. However, patients can check in online ​to‌ expedite the registration⁤ process.

Q: Is CityMD Lake Grove ​affiliated with ⁣any ⁣hospitals or healthcare systems?
A: CityMD ⁤Lake Grove is not affiliated with any specific hospital or healthcare system, but they ‍work⁤ closely with local providers to ensure continuity‍ of care for their patients.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, CityMD Lake Grove provides convenient ‌and ⁢reliable urgent care services for⁤ the residents⁣ of​ the Lake Grove​ area. With‍ its⁤ skilled and friendly medical staff, ‍state-of-the-art ‌facilities, and commitment to quality care, CityMD Lake Grove ⁢is a trusted‍ healthcare partner for all your urgent care⁣ needs. Whether you’re​ dealing with​ a minor injury, illness, or ⁣simply need routine medical services,‍ CityMD Lake Grove is⁣ here to ⁢help. Visit them today for a seamless and personalized urgent‌ care experience.

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